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Professors James Head III and Suniti Karunatillake Visit the Center for Lunar and Planetary Sciences of IGCAS

Invited by CLPS, Professor James W. Head III from Brown University and Assistant Professor Suniti Karunatillake from Louisiana State University visited IGCAS during the week of June 12-18.
Prof. James Head III is the Louis and Elizabeth Scherck Distinguished Professor of Geological Sciences at Brown University, and he has been active in the exploration of the Moon, Mars and beyond for more than 40 years. During his visit, he presented two talks entitled "The Climat... DETAILS...   MORE...

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Scientists Reveal Methylation/Demethylation Processes of Hg in Rice Paddy in Hg Mining Area (2016-05-13)
Scientists Provide Accurate Clumped-isotope Signatures at Equilibrium (2016-04-14)
Scientists Reveal the Behaviors of Non-traditional Stable Isotope in Immiscible Silica-melts in a Mafic Magma Chamber (2015-12-30)
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Scientists from CSIRO Visit Institute of Geochemistry (2016-06-30)
Prof. Daniel Harlov from Deutsches GeoForschungsZent... (2016-06-24)
Prof. Finlay Stuart from University of Glasgow Visit... (2016-04-25)
Dr. SHU Qiao from the University of Alberta Visits ... (2016-04-18)
Associate Prof. Thomas Ulrich from Aarhus University... (2016-03-29)
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Potential threat of heavy metals and PAHs in PM2.5 in different urban functional areas of Beijing (Gao, Y; Guo, XY; Ji, HB; Li, C; Ding, HJ; Briki, M; Tang, L; Zhang, Y) (2016-07-22)
Using chalcophile elements to constrain crustal contamination and xenolith-magma interaction in Cenozoic basalts of eastern China (Zeng, G; Huang, XW; Zhou, MF; Chen, LH; Xu, XS) (2016-07-22)
Petrogenesis and geodynamic setting of Early Cretaceous mafic-ultramafic intrusions, South China: A case study from the Gan-Hang tectonic belt (Qi, YQ; Hu, RZ; Liu, S; Coulson, IM; Qi, HW; Tian, JJ; Zhu, JJ) (2016-07-22)
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Seminar 2016-07-19:
Sr and Mg isotope geochemistry of Marinoan cap carbonates: Implication for Neoproterozoic ocean circulation
Speaker: Dr. Wang Zhengrong
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