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How Do Climate Change and Human Activities Affect Karst Vegetation Productivity Restoration in Southern China?

A research team led by Prof.WANG Shijie and Prof. BAI Xiaoyong from IGCAS has designed eight different scenarios to analyze the impacts of climate change and human activities on vegetation productivity change based on the net primary productivity (NPP) from 2000 to 2015.

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How Do Climate Change and Human Activities Affect Karst Vegetation Productivity Restoration in Southern China? (2020-06-24)
Soil moisture changes throughout China’s karst areas mainly affected by precipitation (2020-04-30)
Scientists Apply Amended Soils to Control Agricultural Non-point Source Pollution in Small Watershed (2019-12-16)
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The 2019 International Symposium on Low-temperature ... (2019-11-05)
Dr. Sae-Yun Kwon from Pohang University of Science a... (2019-06-05)
Associate Prof. Deb Jaisi from the University of Del... (2019-05-17)
Dr. WANG Lin from Geophysical Laboratory Visits IGCAS (2019-05-10)
Prof. A. E. Williams-Jones from McGill University Vi... (2019-05-09)
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Petrogenesis of Late Carboniferous A-type granites and Early Cretaceous adakites of the Songnen Block, NE China: Implications for the geodynamic evolution of the Paleo-Asian and Paleo-Pacific oceans ( Xu, Guozhan; Deng, Changzhou; Li, Chenglu; et al. )(2020-07-06)
LA-ICP-MS U-Pb geochronology of wolframite by combining NIST series and common lead-bearing MTM as the primary reference material: Implications for metallogenesis of South China ( Tang, Yanwen; Cui, Kai; Zheng, Zhen; et al. )(2020-07-06)
The endogenetic metallogeny of northern Laos and its relation to the intermediate-felsic magmatism at different stages of the Paleotethyan tectonics: A review and synthesis ( Zhang, Zhengwei; Shu, Qiao; Wu, Chengquan; et al. )(2020-07-06)
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Seminar 2019-12-18:
1. Apllication of FEM on experimental Mineral Physics study
Assoc. Prof. Akira Yoneda
2. Preliminary report on shear deformation of the lower mantle rock: Toward to understand the structure and chemistry of the lower mantle
Assoc. Prof. Daisuke Yamazaki
3. Hydrothermal 15N15N abundances constrain the origins of mantle nitrogen
Dr. Jabrane LABIDI
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