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IGCAS Celebrates Chinese New Year
The Year of Monkey is coming! IGCAS faculty, staff and students gathered together and performed fantastic shows on Jan. 25 2015 for annual Chines New Year celebration. The celebration was filled with impressive performances including traditional and contemporary music, martial arts, Chinese crosstalk, and comedy sketches. The party was full of laughter and cheers. DETAILS...   MORE...
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Scientists Reveal the Behaviors of Non-traditional Stable Isotope in Immiscible Silica-melts in a Mafic Magma Chamber (2015-12-30)
Research progress on human MeHg exposure via rice consumption (2015-12-29)
Scientists Reveal Transboundary Transport and Deposition of Hg Emission from Biomass Burning in the Indo-China Peninsula (2015-09-30)
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Professor Sune Svanberg from Lund University Visits ... (2015-09-15)
Misasa High-Pressure Group Visits IGCAS (2015-07-09)
EST Associate Editor Jorge Gardea-Torresdey Visits I... (2015-04-09)
NAS member Mark H. Thiemens visists IGCAS (2014-07-16)
Dr. GAO Bin from University of Florida Visits IGCAS (2014-07-11)
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Preparation of a La/N co-doped TiO2 film electrode with visible light response and its photoelectrocatalytic activity on a Ni substrate (Zhou, X; Zhang, XN; Feng, XB; Zhou, J; Zhou, SQ) (2016-01-29)
Anthropogenic and biogenic organic compounds in summertime fine aerosols (PM2.5) in Beijing, China (Yang, F; Kawamura, K; Chen, J; Ho, KF; Lee, SC; Gao, Y; Cui, L; Wang,TG; Fu, PQ) (2016-01-29)
Changes in climate and vegetation of central Guizhou in southwest China since the last glacial reflected by stalagmite records from Yelang Cave (Zhao, M; Li, HC; Liu, ZH; Mii, HS; Sun, HL; Shen, CC; Kang, SC) (2016-01-29)
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Seminar 2016-01-26:
Medical Geology in Africa
Speaker: Prof. Hassina Mouri
Seminar 2016-01-12:
The geochronology of uranium minerals
Speaker: Prof. Mostafa Fayek
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Danxia Landform in Chishui
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