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Pressure helps to make better Li-ion batteries
In a recent research article published in the Beijing-based National Science Review, scientists at the Center for High Pressure Science and Technology Advanced Research, Institute of Geochemistry, and Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and George Mason University, Carnegie Institution of Washington, and Argonne National Laboratory of USA present their results on the studies of phase stability and conductivity of LTO under high pressure. DETAILS...   MORE...
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Pressure helps to make better Li-ion batteries (2018-11-15)
Scientists Reveal Large Effect of Water on Fe–Mg Interdiffusion in Garnet (2018-10-31)
Scientists Reveal the Enrichment Mechanism of Light Mg Isotopes by Mg-depleted Clay Minerals and Fe Oxides (2018-10-18)
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Dr. Stephen E. Grasby from Geological Survey of Cana... (2017-11-22)
Dr. JIANG Danchi from the University of Tasmania Vis... (2017-11-14)
Dr. Christopher W.N. Anderson from Massey University... (2017-10-17)
Senior Scientist Richard Wirth from GFZ German Resea... (2017-09-18)
Dr. Terry Mernagh from the Australian National Unive... (2017-08-21)
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Ecological balance between supply and demand based on cultivated land ecological footprint method in Guizhou Province (Qian, QH; Zhou, DQ; Bai, XY; Xiao, JY; Chen, F; Zeng, C) (2019-01-18)
Spatio-temporal variations in water use efficiency and its drivers in China over the last three decades (Sun, SB; Song, ZL; Wu, XC; Wang, TJ; Wu, YT; Du, WL; Che, T; Huang, CL; Zhang, XJ; Ping, B; Lin, XF; Li, P; Yang, YX; Chen, BZ) (2019-01-16)
Mercury speciation and mobility in salt slurry and soils from an abandoned chlor-alkali plant, Southwest China (Wang, C; Song, ZC; Li, ZG; Zhu, W; Li, P; Feng, XB) (2019-01-11)
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Seminar 2019-01-16:
1. Physical and Chemical Properties of the Interior of the Moon
Prof. Willem van Westrenen
2. lsotopic evidence for volatile replenishment of the Moon during Late Accretion
Dr. LIN Yanhao
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