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Exotic Clasts in Chang'e-5 Samples Indicate Unexplored Terrane on Moon
Recently, researchers (Dr. ZENG Xiaojia, Prof. LI Xiongyao, and Prof. LIU Jianzhong) from the Institute of Geochemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGCAS) have recognized seven exotic igneous clasts in the Chang’e-5 samples from more than 3000 Chang’e-5 regolith particles. The petrology, mineralogy, origin, and geological implications for these Chang’e-5 exotic clasts have been reported and discussed. DETAILS...   MORE...
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Exotic Clasts in Chang'e-5 Samples Indicate Unexplored Terrane on Moon (2022-12-26)
Impact-induced Formation of Microscopic Magnetite First Confirmed in Chang' E-5 Lunar Soil (2022-12-01)
Study Provides New Insights into Abundances of Sulfur and Phosphorus in Lunar Core (2022-10-11)
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Professor FAN Dawei Joins the Editorial Board of Pur... (2020-12-21)
The 2019 International Symposium on Low-temperature ... (2019-11-05)
Dr. Sae-Yun Kwon from Pohang University of Science a... (2019-06-05)
Associate Prof. Deb Jaisi from the University of Del... (2019-05-17)
Dr. WANG Lin from Geophysical Laboratory Visits IGCAS (2019-05-10)
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Impact of iron/aluminum (hydr)oxide and clay minerals on heteroaggregation and transport of nanoplastics in aquatic environment (Nie, Xin; Xing, Xiaohui; Xie, Ruiyin; Wang, Jingxin; Yang, Shuguang; Wan, Quan; Zeng, Eddy Y.)(2023-02-06)
Taxonomic dependency of beta diversity for bacteria, archaea, and fungi in a semi-arid lake (Yuan, Haijun; Zhang, Weizhen; Yin, Huaqun; Zhang, Runyu; Wang, Jianjun)(2022-11-30)
Aqueous alteration of the Vastitas Borealis Formation at the Tianwen-1 landing site (Liu, Changqing; Ling, Zongcheng; Wu, Zhongchen; Zhang, Jiang; Chen, Jian; Fu, Xiaohui; Qiao, Le; Liu, Ping; Li, Bo; Zhang, Li; Xin, Yanqing; Shi, Erbin; Cao, Haijun; Tian, Shangke; Wan, Sheng; Bai, Hongchun; Liu, Jianzhong)(2022-11-30)
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Water Banking through Managed Aquifer Recharge to Improve Water Security threatened by a Changing Climate
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