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Scientists Reveal Methylation/Demethylation Processes of Hg in Rice Paddy in Hg Mining Area
The research group headed by Prof. FENG Xinbin at IGCAS reported the speciation, distribution, and primary source of Hg in rice paddy at two contrasting Hg mining sites (the artisanal Hg mining site and the abandoned Hg mining site). Moreover, the specific methylation/demethylation rate constants were qualified using enriched Hg isotope addition technique.

The researchers suggest that bioavailable Hg derived from new atmospheric deposition appears to be ... DETAILS...   MORE...

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Scientists Provide Accurate Clumped-isotope Signatures at Equilibrium (2016-04-14)
Scientists Reveal the Behaviors of Non-traditional Stable Isotope in Immiscible Silica-melts in a Mafic Magma Chamber (2015-12-30)
Research progress on human MeHg exposure via rice consumption (2015-12-29)
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Prof. Finlay Stuart from University of Glasgow Visit... (2016-04-25)
Dr. SHU Qiao from the University of Alberta Visits ... (2016-04-18)
Associate Prof. Thomas Ulrich from Aarhus University... (2016-03-29)
Professor Sune Svanberg from Lund University Visits ... (2015-09-15)
Misasa High-Pressure Group Visits IGCAS (2015-07-09)
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Formation age, geochemical characteristics of the Mingshujing pluton in Beishan area of Gansu Province and its geological significance (Zhao, JL; Qiu, JS; Liu, L; Wang, RQ) (2016-05-23)
An analysis of 3D anisotropic-viscoelastic forward modeling and dissipation (Yang, CY; Li, XY; Wang, Y) (2016-05-23)
The effect of shale properties on the anisotropic brittleness criterion index from laboratory study (Wang, Q; Wang, Y; Guo, SG; Xing, ZT; Liu, ZW) (2016-05-18)
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Seminar 2016-05-23:
Phytoextraction. How ideas on using metal-accumulating plants have changed to meet the world of the 21st Century
Speaker: Dr. Christopher W. N. Anderson 
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