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Factors Controlling the Behavior and Stable Carbon Isotope Composition Changes of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in SW China Karst Catchments
Prof. LIU Zaihua’s group from SKLEG collected monthly hydrochemical data and stable carbon isotope composition (δ13C) of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) in karst water samples from September 2007 to October 2012 to study the controlling mechanisms on DIC geochemistry and δ13CDIC under different conditions of climate and land cover in three karst catchments: Banzhai, Dengzhanhe and Chen... DETAILS...   MORE...
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Factors Controlling the Behavior and Stable Carbon Isotope Composition Changes of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in SW China Karst Catchments (2015-07-14)
Exploring the molecular-level mechanism of isotope fractionation in high temperature silica melts with temperature gradients (2015-05-14)
Silicon and Fe-Mg diffusivities in mantle minerals predicted by the thermodynamic calculations (2015-05-04)
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Misasa High-Pressure Group Visits IGCAS (2015-07-09)
EST Associate Editor Jorge Gardea-Torresdey Visits I... (2015-04-09)
NAS member Mark H. Thiemens visists IGCAS (2014-07-16)
Dr. GAO Bin from University of Florida Visits IGCAS (2014-07-11)
Dr. Michael Wiedenbeck from Helmholtz Centre Potsdam... (2014-05-12)
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The effects of salinity on coupled nitrification and aerobic denitrification in an estuarine system (Yang, MF; Xue, DM; Meng, FQ; Wang, ZL) (2015-07-31)
Calcifying cyanobacterium (Nostoc calcicola) reactor as a promising way to remove cadmium from water (Zhao, CX; Fu, QL; Song, WJ; Zhang, DY; Ahati, J; Pan, XL; Al-Misned, FA; Mortuza, MG) (2015-07-31)
Gaussian beam prestack depth migration in heterogeneous transversely isotropic media (Han, JG; Wang, Y) (2015-07-31)
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Seminar 2015-07-28:
High pressure study of Cr-bearing spinel and its implication to Earth's and lunar interiors
Speaker: Prof. Sean R. Shieh
Seminar 2015-07-24:
The role of sulfide saturation on the formation of porphyry deposits
Speaker: Prof. Jung-Woo Park
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