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Scientists Reveal Roles of Macrophyte in the Biochemistry Cycle of Hg in Wetland

Dr. MENG Bo from IGCAS and Prof. CAI Yong from Florida International University characterized the role of sawgrass in Hg cycling in the Everglades. In their study, the stable isotope tracer techniques were employed to investigate Hg uptake by sawgrass from soil and from the atmosphere pathways, and the fate of Hg after absorption.

The results suggested that soil spiked 201Hg2+ was rapidly taken up by roots and transported to aboveground par... DETAILS...   MORE...

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Scientists Reveal Roles of Macrophyte in the Biochemistry Cycle of Hg in Wetland (2018-04-28)
Researchers Identify the Main Selenium Species of the Selenium Hyperaccumulator Plant (2018-02-11)
Study of Ga Isotopic Fractionation During Solid-fluid Interactions in Scientific First (2018-02-09)
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Dr. Stephen E. Grasby from Geological Survey of Cana... (2017-11-22)
Dr. JIANG Danchi from the University of Tasmania Vis... (2017-11-14)
Dr. Christopher W.N. Anderson from Massey University... (2017-10-17)
Senior Scientist Richard Wirth from GFZ German Resea... (2017-09-18)
Dr. Terry Mernagh from the Australian National Unive... (2017-08-21)
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Petrogenesis and Ore Genesis of the Lengshuiqing Magmatic Sulfide Deposit in Southwest China: Constraints from Chalcophile Elements (PGE, Se) and Sr-Nd-Os-S Isotopes (Yao, JH; Zhu, WG; Li, CS; Zhong, H; Bai, ZJ; Ripley, EM; Li, C)(2018-06-11)
Single crystal growth, characterization and high-pressure Raman spectroscopy of impurity-free magnesite (MgCO3) (Liang, W; Li, ZM; Yin, Y; Li, R; Chen, L; He, Y; Dong, HN; Dai, LD; Li, HP)(2018-06-11)
Mercury bioaccumulation and its toxic effects in rats fed with methylmercury polluted rice (Li, P; Du, BY; Chan, HM; Feng, XB; Li, BX)(2018-06-11)
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Seminar 2018-04-18:
Isotope microscope and isotope nanoscope
Speaker: Prof. Hisayoshi Yurimoto
Seminar 2018-04-16:
Oxygen isotopes in the solar system
Speaker: Prof. Hisayoshi Yurimoto
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