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CAS Key Laboratory of High-Temperature and High-Pressure Study of the Earth's Interior TEXT SIZE: A A A
Head: LI Heping (Professor)

Vice Directors: TANG Hongfeng(Professor); GUO Jie(Professor); DAI Lidong(Professor); ZHANG Baohua(Professor) 

1. Basic introduction

The CAS Key Laboratory of High-Temperature and High-Pressure Study of the Earth's Interior was established on the basis of the Laboratory of Earth's Interior Materials and the Division of Fluid Interaction in 2000 under the requirement of the Knowledge-Innovation Project of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.  


2. Research orientations, objectives and contents

The researchers of the lab are to study the components, textures, states and interaction processes and their evolutional behaviors of the Earth’s interior materials (minerals, rocks and geofluids) under certain physicochemical conditions of temperature, pressure and oxygen fugacity, by using the methods of field geological investigation, high temperature and high pressure experimental techniques, digital modeling, and various advanced analytical techniques, and in combination with the latest research achievements of modern physics, chemistry, material sciences and associated technologies. The purpose of the study is to provide scientific basis for rationally prospecting mineral resources and for preventing and alarming geological hazards. The researches of the lab are characterized with basic, innovative and international frontier features.

The current research subjects are: (1) the textures and states of the Earth’s interior materials under conditions of high temperature, high pressure and certain oxygen fugacity; (2) the interaction of the Earth’s interior materials (solids, fluids and melts) under conditions of high temperature and pressure and certain oxygen fugacity; (3) the experimental technology of high temperature and high pressure. The lab has the high temperature and high pressure related apparatus for simulating the temperature, pressure and oxygen fugacity in depth from shallow part of crust to upper part of lower mantle, and the integrated measuring technologies for the study of the texture and physical state of agglomerated materials, the physicochemical characters of fluids and in situ measurement of interaction of fluids-solids. The apparatus are at the advanced level in China. Some of the apparatus and technologies reached international level or international frontier level. Up to date, 6 prizes awarded by the provincial and ministerial authorities has been obtained by the lab for its experimental technology of large chamber of static and ultra high pressure apparatus and the experiment study of the Earth’s interior materials.  

3. Operation and administration

The head of the lab is in charge of its operation under the principle of “opening, communication, collaboration, and competition” and the administrative model that the job positions are set depending on demands and competition. At the end of 2005, there are 15 staff members, including 1 winner of the Outstanding Youth Project supported by NFSC, 3 supervisors for PhD students, 6 professors, 4 associate professors, and 4 research associate or engineers.
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