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The respective characteristics of millennial-scale changes of the India summer monsoon in the Holocene and the Last Glacial(2018-04-20)
Fast and efficient removal of chromium (VI) anionic species by a reusable chitosan-modified multi-walled carbon nanotube composite(2018-04-20)
Deviatoric stresses promoted metallization in rhenium disulfide(2018-04-20)
Nitrate is an important nitrogen source for Arctic tundra plants(2018-04-20)
Magmatic evolution and W-Sn-U-Nb-Ta mineralization of the Mesozoic Jiulongnao granitic complex, Nanling Range, South China(2018-04-20)
Geological and geochronological constraints on the formation of the Jurassic Maozaishan Sn deposit, Dayishan orefield, South China(2018-04-19)
Role of deep-Earth water cycling in the growth and evolution of continental crust: Constraints from Cretaceous magmatism in southeast China(2018-04-19)
Geochemical investigation of the lower Cambrian mineralised black shales of South China and the late Devonian Nick deposit, Canada(2018-04-19)
Scattering and intrinsic components of attenuation through the spectral ratio method in ultrasonic laboratory experiment(2018-04-19)
Are boron isotopes a reliable tracer of anthropogenic inputs to rivers over time?(2018-04-18)
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