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Effects of pressure on PbWO4-III(2013-04-24)
Chemical and mineralogical composition of the Mongolian rural soils and their uranium sorption behavior(2013-04-17)
Complexation of HSA with different forms of antimony (Sb): An application of fluorescence spectroscopy(2013-04-16)
Response of magnetic properties to heavy metal pollution in dust from three industrial cities in China(2013-04-16)
Accumulation, storage and release of atmospheric mercury in a glaciated Arctic catchment, Baffin Island, Canada(2013-04-16)
Non-residual Sr of the sediments in Daihai Lake as a good indicator of chemical weathering(2013-04-12)
Use of 137Cs and210Pbex measurements on deposits in a karst depression to study the erosional response of a small karst catchment in Southwest China to land-use change(2013-04-12)
Desorption of Hg(II) and Sb(V) on extracellular polymeric substances: Effects of pH, EDTA, Ca(II) and temperature shocks(2013-04-12)
Mercury in the seafood and human exposure in coastal area of Guangdong province, South China(2013-04-03)
Parent and Halogenated Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Seafood from South China and Implications for Human Exposure(2013-04-02)
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