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Recent Papers
The evolution of crop cultivation and paleoenvironment in the Longji Terraces, southern China: Organic geochemical evidence from paleosols(2017-11-15)
Stimulation of N2O emission by manure application to agricultural soils may largely offset carbon benefits: a global meta-analysis(2017-11-15)
Source, composition, and environmental implication of neutral carbohydrates in sediment cores of subtropical reservoirs, South China(2017-11-15)
Pyrite oxidation under simulated acid rain weathering conditions(2017-11-15)
An integrated chemical and oxygen isotopic study of primitive olivine grains in picrites from the Emeishan Large Igneous Province, SW China: Evidence for oxygen isotope heterogeneity in mantle sources(2017-10-30)
Mercury flow through an Asian rice-based food web(2017-10-30)
Occurrence and mobility of toxic elements in coals from endemic fluorosis areas in the Three Gorges Region, SW China(2017-10-30)
delta O-18, delta C-13, elemental content and depositional features of a stalagmite from Yelang Cave reflecting climate and vegetation changes since late Pleistocene in central Guizhou, China(2017-10-30)
Decompression-Driven Superconductivity Enhancement in In2Se3(2017-10-30)
Concentration, source identification, and exposure risk assessment of PM2.5-bound parent PAHs and nitro-PAHs in atmosphere from typical Chinese cities(2017-10-30)
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