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Recent Papers
Assessment of chemical weathering and physical erosion along a hillslope, southwest China(2019-09-17)
Crystal structure of norsethite-type BaMn(CO3)(2) and its pressure-induced transition investigated by Raman spectroscopy(2019-09-12)
Discussions on the Processing of the Multi-Component Seismic Vector Field(2019-09-11)
Surface edge states and enhanced emission on topological insulator of silicon oxide(2019-09-11)
Contrasting whole-rock and mineral compositions of ore-bearing (Tongchang) and ore-barren (Shilicun) granitic plutons in SW China: Implications for petrogenesis and ore genesis(2019-09-06)
Barium concentration, phytoavailability, and risk assessment in soil-rice systems from an active barium mining region(2019-09-06)
Mercury concentration and speciation in mine wastes in Tongren mercury mining area, southwest China and environmental effects(2019-09-06)
Status of lead accumulation in agricultural soils across China (1979-2016)(2019-09-06)
The Itokawa regolith simulant IRS-1 as an S-type asteroid surface analogue(2019-09-06)
Rapid prediction of the re-watering time point of Orychophragmus violaceus L. based on the online monitoring of electrophysiological indexes(2019-09-06)
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