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Recent Papers
Magmatic-Hydrothermal Origin of Mercury in Carlin-style and Epithermal Gold Deposits in China: Evidence from Mercury Stable Isotopes(2019-11-15)
Trace elements and C-O isotopes of calcite from Carlin-type gold deposits in the Youjiang Basin, SW China: Constraints on ore-forming fluid compositions and sources(2019-11-14)
Geology and geochemistry of Gunung Subang gold deposit, Tanggeung, Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia(2019-11-14)
Ore-forming material sources of the Dachayuan uranium deposit, Zhejiang Province: Evidence from C-O and Sr-Nd isotopes(2019-11-14)
The mercury isotope signatures of coalbed gas and oil-type gas: Implications for the origins of the gases(2019-11-04)
Chemical composition, genesis and exploration implication of garnet from the Hongshan Cu-Mo skarn deposit, SW China(2019-11-01)
Thermal Transport Properties of Olivine, Wadsleyite, and Ringwoodite-A Review(2019-11-01)
The mineralization age of the Banxi Sb deposit in Xiangzhong metallogenic province in southern China(2019-10-30)
The continental crust-contributes to magmatic hydrothermal gold deposit in Ciemas, West Java, Indonesia: Constraints from. Hf isotopes of zircons and in situ Pb isotopes of sulfide's(2019-10-30)
Mineralogy, fluid inclusions, and S-Pb isotope geochemistry study of the Tuboh Pb-Zn-Ag polymetallic deposit, Lubuklinggau, Sumatra, Indonesia(2019-10-28)
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