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Recent Papers
Sources and ore-forming fluid pathways of carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn deposits in Southwest China: implications of Pb-Zn-S-Cd isotopic compositions(2020-03-27)
Mercury distribution in a typical shallow lake in northern China and its re-emission from sediment(2020-03-27)
Phase transition of sanidine (KAlSi3O8) and its effect on electrical conductivity at pressures up to 11 GPa(2020-03-26)
Fabrication and photocatalytic property of MoOx nano-particle films from Mo target by laser ablation at ambient conditions(2020-03-26)
Magma generation and sulfide saturation of Permian mafic-ultramafic intrusions from the western part of the Northern Tianshan in NW China: implications for Ni-Cu mineralization(2020-03-26)
In-situ lunar dust deposition amount induced by lander landing in Chang'E-3 mission(2020-03-26)
Shifts in mercury methylation across a peatland chronosequence: From sulfate reduction to methanogenesis and syntrophy(2020-03-24)
Geochemical and Petrographic Analyses of the Cambrian Oncoids of the North China Platform: Implications for Their Paleogeography and Paleoenvironment(2020-03-23)
Nanoactivated Carbon Reduces Mercury Mobility and Uptake by Oryza sativa L: Mechanistic Investigation Using Spectroscopic and Microscopic Techniques(2020-03-23)
Model-Based Analysis of Reactive Transport Processes Governing Fluoride and Phosphate Release and Attenuation during Managed Aquifer Recharge(2020-03-23)
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