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Recent Papers
Textural and chemical variations of magnetite from porphyry Cu-Au and Cu skarn deposits in the Zhongdian region, northwestern Yunnan, SW China(2020-02-26)
Genesis of gold and antimony deposits in the Youjiang metallogenic province, SW China: Evidence from in situ oxygen isotopic and trace element compositions of quartz(2020-02-26)
Climatic and anthropogenic regulation of carbon transport and transformation in a karst river-reservoir system(2020-02-24)
Nitrogen isotopic composition of free Gly in aerosols at a forest site(2020-02-19)
Adsorption of iodate on nanosized tubular halloysite(2020-02-18)
Effects of sediment addition on magma generation from oceanic crust in a post-collisional extensional setting:(2020-02-18)
Constraining oceanic oxygenation during the Shuram excursion in South China using thallium isotopes(2020-02-18)
Heavy Metal, Arsenic, and Selenium Concentrations in Bird Feathers from a Region in Southern China Impacted by Intensive Mining of Nonferrous Metals(2020-02-18)
The concentrations and characteristics of dissolved organic matter in high-latitude lakes determine its ambient reducing capacity(2020-02-17)
Study on properties of BaZr0.7Ce0.2Y0.1O3-delta ceramics prepared by high-pressure sintering(2020-02-17)
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