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Recent Papers
Gallium isotope fractionation during Ga adsorption on calcite and goethite(2018-03-13)
Three-dimensional magnetotelluric modeling in anisotropic media using edge-based finite element method(2018-03-13)
The impact of an abandoned mercury mine on the environment in the Xiushan region, Chongqing, southwestern China(2018-03-13)
Mineralogy, geochemistry and fluid inclusions of the Qinglong Sb-(Au) deposit, Youjiang basin (Guizhou, SW China)(2018-03-13)
He, Ar, and S isotopic constraints on the relationship between A-type granites and tin mineralization: A case study of tin deposits in the Tengchong-Lianghe tin belt, southwest China(2018-03-12)
Magmatic-hydrothermal evolution of the Donggou porphyry Mo deposit at the southern margin of the North China Craton: Evidence from chemistry of biotite(2018-03-12)
NanoSIMS element mapping and sulfur isotope analysis of Au-bearing pyrite from Lannigou Carlin-type Au deposit in SW China: New insights into the origin and evolution of Au-bearing fluids(2018-03-12)
Cd isotope fractionation during sulfide mineral weathering in the Fule Zn-Pb-Cd deposit, Yunnan Province, Southwest China(2018-03-08)
Carbon biogeochemical cycle is enhanced by damming in a karst river(2018-03-08)
High-voltage electrostatic fields increase nitrogen uptake and improve growth of tomato seedlings(2018-03-08)
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