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Recent Papers
Detoxification and immobilization of chromite ore processing residue in spinel-based glass-ceramic(2017-02-27)
Copper and zinc isotope fractionation during deposition and weathering of highly metalliferous black shales in central China(2017-02-27)
Fe(II)-induced phase transformation of ferrihydrite: The inhibition effects and stabilization of divalent metal cations(2017-02-27)
Research and application of method of oxygen isotope of inorganic phosphate in Beijing agricultural soils(2017-02-27)
Environmental Origins of Methylmercury Accumulated in Subarctic Estuarine Fish Indicated by Mercury Stable Isotopes(2017-02-27)
Preliminary study on the global geotectonic framework of the Moon(2017-02-27)
Chronology of the Longshan Au-Sb deposit in central Hunan Province: Constraints from pyrite Re-Os and zircon U-Th/He isotopic dating(2017-02-27)
Mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of carbonate and implications for ore-forming mechanism of the Fule Pb-Zn deposit, Yunnan Province, China(2017-02-27)
The genetic relationship between Cu- and Zn-dominant mineralization in the Tianbaoshan deposit, Southwest China(2017-02-20)
Zb-S isotopic compositions of the Tianbaoshan carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn deposit in Sichuan, China: Implications for source of ore components(2017-02-20)
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