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Recent Papers
The adsorption of U(VI) on magnetite, ferrihydrite and goethite(2021-08-26)
Metallogenic mechanism of large manganese deposits from Permian manganese ore belt in western South China Block: New mineralogical and geochemical evidence(2021-08-26)
Mercury isotope constraints on the sources of metals in the Baiyangping Ag-Cu-Pb-Zn polymetallic deposits, SW China(2021-08-25)
Estimation of the biogeochemical reactivities of dissolved organic matter from modified biochars using color(2021-08-25)
Spatio-temporal evolution and future scenario prediction of karst rocky desertification based on CA-Markov model(2021-08-25)
Mercury Anomalies Link to Extensive Volcanism Across the Late Devonian Frasnian-Famennian Boundary in South China(2021-08-18)
Pressure-Induced Structural Phase Transition and Metallization in Ga2Se3 Up to 40.2 GPa under Non-Hydrostatic and Hydrostatic Environments(2021-08-17)
Exposure history, petrology, and shock-induced sulfidization reaction of Alatage Mountain 001 strewn field samples(2021-07-30)
Quantitative XPS characterization of "invisible gold" in Carlin-type gold ores through controlled acid erosion(2021-07-29)
The differential responses of Aegiceras corniculatum and Kandelia candel under salt stress and re-watering phase. A study of leaf electrophysiological and growth parameters(2021-07-29)
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