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Recent Papers
In silico analysis of epitope-based vaccine candidate against tuberculosis using reverse vaccinology(2021-03-19)
Petrogenetic source and tectonic evolution of the Neoproterozoic Nagar Parkar Igneous Complex granitoids: Evidence from zircon Hf isotope and trace element geochemistry(2021-03-19)
A New Density Model of Quartz Solubility in H2O-CO2-NaCl Ternary Systems up to High Temperatures and High Pressures(2021-03-19)
Constraining the density evolution during destruction of the lithospheric mantle in the eastern North China Craton(2021-03-18)
Effect of processing current on microstructural evolution and orientation information in Ni-based single crystal superalloy during plasma remelting(2021-03-18)
Reaction between basaltic melt and orthopyroxene at 3.0-4.5 GPa: Implications for the evolution of ocean island basalts in the mantle(2021-03-18)
Active methanogenesis during the melting of Marinoan snowball Earth(2021-03-18)
Cryptic terrestrial fungus-like fossils of the early Ediacaran Period(2021-03-18)
Extremely enrichment of Li-7 in highly weathered saprolites developed on granite from Huizhou, southern China(2021-03-18)
Ejecta From the Orientale Basin at the Chang'E-4 Landing Site(2021-03-18)
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