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Recent Papers
Climate and Vegetation As Primary Drivers for Global Mercury Storage in Surface Soil(2019-10-25)
Assessment of Cambrian sequence stratigraphic style of the North China Platform exposed in Wuhai division, Inner Mongolia(2019-10-25)
Sedimentary records of polychlorinated biphenyls in the East China Marginal Seas and Great Lakes: Significance of recent rise of emissions in China and environmental implications(2019-10-24)
Moss facilitating mercury, lead and cadmium enhanced accumulation in organic soils over glacial erratic at Mt. Gongga, China(2019-10-24)
Biological Fe(II) and As(III) oxidation immobilizes arsenic in micro-oxic environments(2019-10-24)
An experimental study of the solubility and speciation of tungsten in NaCl-bearing aqueous solutions at 250, 300, and 350 degrees C(2019-10-24)
Immobilization of mercury and arsenic in a mine tailing from a typical Carlin-type gold mining site in southwestern part of China(2019-10-23)
New constraints on the late Quaternary landscape evolution of the eastern Tibetan Plateau from Be-10 and Al-26 in-situ cosmogenic nuclides(2019-10-23)
Genesis of the late Ordovician Kukaazi Pb-Zn deposit in the western Kunlun orogen, NW China: New insights from in-situ trace elemental compositions of base metal sulfides(2019-10-23)
Profiles, source identification and health risks of potentially toxic metals in pyrotechnic-related road dust during Chinese New Year(2019-10-23)
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