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Recent Papers
Understanding nutrient allocation based on leaf nitrogen isotopes and elemental ratios in the karst region of Southwest China(2020-05-15)
Fragility of karst ecosystem and environment: Long-term evidence from lake sediments(2020-05-14)
New titanite U-Pb and molybdenite Re-Os ages for a hydrothermal vein-type Cu deposit in the Lanping Basin, Yunnan, SW China: constraints on regional metallogeny and implications for exploration(2020-05-12)
Leaching Behavior of Lithium from Bauxite Residue Using Acetic Acid(2020-05-12)
In Situ Electrochemical Study of the Growth Kinetics of Passive Film on TC11 Alloy in Sulfate Solution at 300 degrees C/10 MPa(2020-05-12)
Selenium distribution and speciation in seleniferous soils and controlling factors(2020-05-12)
Origin of the Fule Pb-Zn deposit, Yunnan Province, SW China: insight from in situ S isotope analysis by NanoSIMS(2020-05-12)
Optimized Pseudo-Pad & x00E9; Fourier Migrator in Terms of Propagation Angles(2020-04-28)
Quantification of Tl (I) and Tl (III) based on microcolumn separation through ICP-MS in river sediment pore water(2020-04-28)
High-sensitivity determination of Cd isotopes in low-Cd geological samples by double spike MC-ICP-MS(2020-04-28)
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