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Recent Papers
Comparative study of the wallrock and ore and ore forming mechanisms at the Nibao gold deposit, Guizhou, China(2017-02-16)
Geochronology of the Zhesang gold deposit and mafic rock in Funing County of Yunnan Province, with special reference to the dynamic background of Carlin-type gold deposits in the Dian-Qian-Gui region(2017-02-16)
Study on the ore-forming fluid geochemistry of the Anna gold deposit in southeastern Yunnan Province, China(2017-02-16)
Origin and geological implication of the inherited zircon from felsic dykes, Youjiang basin, China(2017-02-16)
Major scientific problems on low-temperature metallogenesis in South China(2017-02-16)
Zircon U-Pb dating and Hf isotope of the felsic dykes in the Longshan Au-Sb deposit in Central Hunan Province and their geological significance(2017-02-16)
Ore genesis of the Nayongzhi Pb-Zn deposit, Puding City, Guizhou Province, China: Evidences from S and in situ Pb isotopes(2017-02-15)
Fluid inclusion and sulfur isotopic studies of lead-zinc deposits, northwestern Guizhou, China(2017-02-15)
Trace elements in sulfide from the Tianbaoshan Pb-Zn deposit, Sichuan Province, China: A LA-ICPMS study(2017-02-15)
Origin of unusual HREE-Mo-rich carbonatites in the Qinling orogen, China(2017-02-15)
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