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Recent Papers
Assessing anthropogenic sources of mercury in soil in Wanshan Hg mining area, Guizhou, China(2013-11-15)
Sources and Thermo-Chemical Sulfate Reduction for Reduced Sulfur in the Hydrothermal Fluids, Southeastern SYG Pb-Zn Metallogenic Province, SW China(2013-11-15)
Geology and sulfur isotope geochemistry of Dafulou tin-polymetallic deposit in Dachang orefield, Guangxi, China(2013-11-15)
Preparation and rheological behavior of lead-free graphite conducting paste(2013-11-15)
Multi-component Gaussian beam prestack depth migration(2013-11-14)
Stable Carbon Isotope Variations in Cave Percolation Waters and their Implications in Four Caves of Guizhou, China(2013-11-14)
A new algorithm for frequency-dependent shear-wave splitting parameters extraction(2013-11-14)
Thermal degradation of organic matter in the interlayer clay-organic complex: A TG-FTIR study on a montmorillonite/12-aminolauric acid system(2013-11-12)
Distribution and sources of organochlorine pesticides in sediments of the Xiangjiang River, south-central China(2013-11-12)
Chemical composition and source apportionment of rainwater at Guiyang, SW China(2013-11-12)
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