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Recent Papers
Platinum-Group Element Geochemical Characteristics of the Picrites and High-Ti Basalts in the Binchuan Area, Yunnan Province(2013-05-03)
First Reliable ReOs Ages of Pyrite and Stable Isotope Compositions of Fe(-Cu) Deposits in the Hami Region, Eastern Tianshan Orogenic Belt, NW China(2013-05-03)
Physical model for activation of emission on silicon quantum dots(2013-05-03)
Chemical weathering under mid- to cool temperate and monsoon-controlled climate: A study on water geochemistry of the Songhuajiang River system, northeast China(2013-04-27)
REE geochemistry of carbonates from the Guanmenshan Formation, Liaohe Group, NE Sino-Korean Craton: Implications for seawater compositional change during the Great Oxidation Event(2013-04-27)
Investigation of low-molecular weight organic acids and their spatiotemporal variation characteristics in Hongfeng Lake, China(2013-04-24)
Effects of pressure on PbWO4-III(2013-04-24)
Chemical and mineralogical composition of the Mongolian rural soils and their uranium sorption behavior(2013-04-17)
Complexation of HSA with different forms of antimony (Sb): An application of fluorescence spectroscopy(2013-04-16)
Response of magnetic properties to heavy metal pollution in dust from three industrial cities in China(2013-04-16)
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