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Recent Papers
The "coal-bauxite-iron" structure in the ore-bearing rock series as a prospecting indicator for southeastern Guizhou bauxite mines(2013-06-21)
Constraints of C-O-S-Pb isotope compositions and Rb-Sr isotopic age on the origin of the Tianqiao carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn deposit, SW China(2013-06-21)
Spatial distribution and methylation of mercury in a eutrophic reservoir heavily contaminated by mercury in Southwest China(2013-06-14)
Petrogenesis of the Langdu High-K Calc-Alkaline Intrusions in Yunnan Province: Constraints from Geochemistry and Sr-Nd Isotopes(2013-06-14)
Elemental and strontium isotopic geochemistry of the soil profiles developed on limestone and sandstone in karstic terrain on Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, China:(2013-06-14)
Thallium at the interface of soil and green cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata L.): Soil-plant transfer and influencing factors(2013-06-09)
Zircon U-Pb geochronology and elemental and Sr-Nd-Hf isotopic geochemistry of the Daocheng granitic pluton from the Yidun Arc, SW China(2013-06-09)
Geological and sulfur-lead-strontium isotopic studies of the Shaojiwan Pb-Zn deposit, southwest China: Implications for the origin of hydrothermal fluids(2013-06-09)
Geological and C-O-S-Pb-Sr isotopic constraints on the origin of the Qingshan carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn deposit, Southwest China(2013-05-31)
Ca. 1.5 Ga mafic magmatism in South China during the break-up of the supercontinent Nuna/Columbia: The Zhuqing Fe-Ti-V oxide ore-bearing mafic intrusions in western Yangtze Block(2013-05-31)
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