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Recent Papers
A molecularly imprinted electrochemical sensor based on sol-gel technology and multiwalled carbon nanotubes-Nafion functional layer for determination of 2-nonylphenol in environmental samples(2014-02-26)
New Insights into Traditional Health Risk Assessments of Mercury Exposure: Implications of Selenium(2014-02-26)
Chemical characteristics and delta S-34-SO42- of acid rain: Anthropogenic sulfate deposition and its impacts on CO2 consumption in the rural karst area of southwest China(2014-02-26)
Phytolith carbon sequestration in China's croplands(2014-02-25)
Organic Matters and Lipid Biomarkers in Surface Sediments from the Northern South China Sea: Origins and Transport(2014-02-25)
Rare earth element geochemistry of waters and suspended particles in alkaline lakes using extraction and sequential chemical methods(2014-02-25)
Selenium redox cycling during weathering of Se-rich shales: A selenium isotope study(2014-02-24)
Geochemistry of the Huangshandong Ni-Cu deposit in northwestern China: Implications for the formation of magmatic sulfide mineralization in orogenic belts(2014-02-21)
Protolith reconstruction and geochemical study on the wall rocks of Anshan BIFs, Northeast China: Implications for the provenance and tectonic setting(2014-02-21)
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