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Recent Papers
Contamination patterns in river water from rural Beijing: A hydrochemical and multiple stable isotope study(2019-03-13)
Highly Sensitive Aptasensor for Trace Arsenic(III) Detection Using DNAzyme as the Biocatalytic Amplifier(2019-03-13)
High Rn-222 concentrations and dynamics in Shawan Cave, southwest China(2019-03-13)
Age and metal source of orogenic gold deposits in Southeast Guizhou Province, China: Constraints from Re-Os and He-Ar isotopic evidence(2019-03-13)
Plant nitrogen and phosphorus utilization under invasive pressure in a montane ecosystem of tropical China(2019-03-13)
Influence of dissolved organic matter (DOM) characteristics on dissolved mercury (Hg) species composition in sediment porewater of lakes from southwest China(2019-02-18)
Response of microbial communities to elevated thallium contamination in river sediments(2019-02-18)
Two-tiered magmatic-hydrothermal and skarn origin of magnetite from Gol-Gohar iron ore deposit of SE Iran: In-situ LA-ICP-MS analyses(2019-02-18)
Multi-aliquot method for determining (U plus Th)/He ages of hydrothermal hematite: Returning to Elba(2019-01-28)
Mercury stable isotope compositions of Chinese urban fine particulates in winter haze days: Implications for Hg sources and transformations(2019-01-28)
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