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Recent Papers
"Structure-Lithologic-Fluid" Metallogenic Coupling of the Wuzhishan Lead-Zinc Deposit in Puding, Guizhou Province(2017-08-07)
Tectonic-Thermal Evolution History and Its Controls on Petroleum Geology of Weibei Uplift(2017-08-07)
Alkaline Prophyries in the Chenghai-Binchuan Tectono-Magmatic Belt, Western Yunnan Province, SW China(2017-07-28)
A predominantly ferruginous condition in the Ediacaran deep ocean: Geochemistry of black shales in the Ediacaran Doushantuo Formation, South China(2017-07-27)
Biochar stimulates the decomposition of simple organic matter and suppresses the decomposition of complex organic matter in a sandy loam soil(2017-07-27)
Effect of biochar addition on short-term N2O and CO2 emissions during repeated drying and wetting of an anthropogenic alluvial soil(2017-07-27)
Effects of water on P-V-T equation of state of pyrope(2017-07-27)
A Brillouin scattering study of hydrous basaltic glasses: the effect of H2O on their elastic behavior and implications for the densities of basaltic melts(2017-07-27)
Cadmium isotope fractionation in the Fule Mississippi Valley-type deposit, Southwest China(2017-07-27)
Evaluating of the spatial heterogeneity of soil loss tolerance and its effects on erosion risk in the carbonate areas of southern China(2017-07-27)
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