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Recent Papers
Impacts of hydrologic variations on chemical weathering and solute sources in the Min River basin, Himalayan-Tibetan region(2017-09-30)
Atmospheric deposition and air-sea gas exchange fluxes of DDT and HCH in the Yangtze River Estuary, East China Se(2017-09-30)
Spatial patterns of leaf C-13 and its relationship with plant functional groups and environmental factors in China(2017-09-30)
Association of Mg-rich Olivine with Magnetite as a Result of Brucite Marble Assimilation by Basaltic Magma in the Emeishan Large Igneous Province, SW China(2017-09-29)
AMS Carbon-14 dating of microbial carbonates in Holocene coral reefs, Western Luzon, Philippines(2017-09-29)
Localized states and quantum effect of photo-generated carriers in photovoltaic system(2017-09-29)
Adsorption and Stabilization of Lead during Fe(II)-catalyzed Phase Transformation of Ferrihydrite(2017-09-29)
Anisotropic multi-component seismic identification of gas hydrate in deep water environments of Shenhu area in the South China Sea(2017-09-29)
Quantitative assessment of the impacts of climate change and human activities on runoff change in a typical karst watershed, SW China(2017-09-29)
Zircon U-Pb age, geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic data: Constraints on the genetic model of the mafic dykes from the North China Craton(2017-09-29)
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