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Chronology, geochemical characteristics, and tectonic implications of a Triassic complex in the Rongma Area, Southern Qiangtang, Tibet(2022-11-09)
Facile Preparation of MCM-41/Ag2O Nanomaterials with High Iodide-Removal Efficiency(2022-11-08)
The Chemical Oxidation and Immobilization of Arsenic and Antimony in Simulated AMD in Karst Areas(2022-11-08)
Anoxic iron electrocoagulation automatically modulates dissolved oxygen and pH for fast reductive decomplexation and precipitation of Cu(II)-EDTA: The critical role of dissolved Fe(II)(2022-11-08)
Updated lunar cratering chronology model with the radiometric age of Chang'e-5 samples(2022-11-08)
Origin of highly variable and unusually low delta(7) Li in mineral separates from ultramafic intrusive rocks in a convergent tectonic setting in the Tibetan plateau(2022-11-07)
Effects of different silicon content on irradiation defects and hardening in 9Cr ferritic/martensitic steel(2022-11-07)
Bacterial cell lysis induced by pre-acidification greatly promoting the degradation of carried antibiotic resistance genes in zero-valent iron activated Fenton-like processes(2022-11-07)
The trace element chemistry of quartz in carbonatite-related REE deposits: Implication for REE exploration(2022-11-07)
Glutathione assisting the waste tobacco leaf to synthesize versatile biomass-based carbon dots for simultaneous detection and efficient removal of mercury ions(2022-11-07)
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