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Importance of hydrogeological conditions during formation of the karstic bauxite deposits, Central Guizhou Province, Southwest China: A case study at Lindai deposit(2017-04-10)
Depth-resolved microbial community analyses in two contrasting soil cores contaminated by antimony and arsenic(2017-04-10)
Free amino acid concentrations and nitrogen isotope signatures in Pinus massoniana (Lamb.) needles of different ages for indicating atmospheric(2017-04-10)
Distribution and mass inventory of mercury in sediment from the Yangtze River estuarine-inner shelf of the East China Sea(2017-04-10)
Using Mercury Isotopes To Understand Mercury Accumulation in the Montane Forest Floor of the Eastern Tibetan Plateau(2017-04-06)
Tropospheric GOM at the Pic du Midi Observatory-Correcting Bias in Denuder Based Observations(2017-03-31)
The preference of nitrate uptake in Chinese prickly ash estimated by delta N-15 values and cation concentrations(2017-03-31)
Growth of hydrothermal baddeleyite and zircon in different stages of skarnization(2017-03-30)
High-pressure compressibility and vibrational properties of (Ca,Mn)CO3(2017-03-30)
Original Sedimentary Pattern of an Inverted Basin: A Case Study from the Bozhong Depression, Offshore Bohai Bay Basin(2017-03-30)
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