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Determination of the Isotopic Composition of Aqueous Mercury in a Paddy Ecosystem Using Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films(2023-08-21)
Mercury isotope compositions in seawater and marine fish revealed the sources and processes of mercury in the food web within differing marine compartments(2023-07-24)
Water Metabolism of Lonicera japonica and Parthenocissus quinquefolia in Response to Heterogeneous Simulated Rock Outcrop Habitats(2023-07-21)
The Redefinition of the "Bulunkuole Group" in the West Kunlun Orogenic Belt, Xinjiang (NW China): Implications for Tectonic Evolution of the Proto-Tethys(2023-07-21)
Lithium Isotope Fractionation During Intensive Felsic Magmatic Differentiation(2023-07-21)
Potentially important regolith-hosted Sc deposits related to alkaline igneous complexes of the Permian Emeishan large igneous Province, SW China(2023-07-21)
The first discovery of axinite in the Furong tin deposit, southern Hunan: An important boron -bearing mineral and its implications for tin mineralization(2023-07-21)
Iron oxidation coupled with nitrate reduction affects the acetate-assimilating microbial community structure elucidated by stable isotope probing in flooded paddy soil(2023-07-21)
U-Pb dating of scheelite, wolframite and apatite from the Woxi Au-Sb-W deposit, western Hunan Province and their geological significance(2023-07-21)
Nickel isotope ratios trace the process of sulfide-silicate liquid immiscibility during magmatic differentiation(2023-07-14)
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