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Application of calcite U-Pb geochronology in sandstone-hosted Pb-Zn deposits: A case study of the giant Uragen deposit, NW China(2023-02-22)
Trace Element Composition of Molybdenite: Deposit Type Discrimination and Limitations(2023-02-22)
Characteristic of Molecular Weight-Fractions of Soil Organic Matter from Calcareous Soil and Yellow Soil(2023-02-22)
Exotic clasts in Chang'e-5 regolith indicative of unexplored terrane on the Moon(2023-02-22)
Integrated Insights into Source Apportionment and Source-Specific Health Risks of Potential Pollutants in Urban Park Soils on the Karst Plateau, SW China(2023-02-22)
Research progress on chemical composition of apatite: Application in petrogenesis, ore genesis and mineral exploration(2023-02-22)
Observation and research of deep underground multi-physical fields-Huainan-848 m deep experiment(2023-02-21)
Uptake, translocation, bioaccumulation, and bioavailability of organophosphate esters in rice paddy and maize fields(2023-02-21)
Magnetic seeds promoted high-density sulfonic acid-based hydrochar derived from sugar-rich wastewater for removal of methylene blue(2023-02-21)
Petrogenesis of Mesozoic Li-, Cs-, and Ta-rich (LCT) pegmatites from the Neoproterozoic Jiangnan Orogenic Belt, South China: An alternative origin model for the LCT type pegmatite(2023-02-21)
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