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Distribution, Source Identification, and Output flux of Barium in Surface Waters in the Sanjiangyuan Region and Qilian Mountain Region of Tibetan Plateau(2023-07-14)
Using Mercury Stable Isotopes to Quantify Bidirectional Water-Atmosphere Hg(0) Exchange Fluxes and Explore Controlling Factors(2023-07-14)
Formation of the Huayangchuan (Central China) carbonatite-associated REE-Nb-U polymetallic deposit constrained from monazite mineral chemistry and isotope systematics(2023-07-05)
Pressure-Induced Reverse Structural Transition of Calcite at Temperatures up to 873 K and Pressures up to 19.7 GPa(2023-07-05)
Biochar Promotes Arsenopyrite Weathering in Simulated Alkaline Soils: Electrochemical Mechanism and Environmental Implications(2023-07-05)
LA-ICPMS trace elements and C-O isotopes constrain the origin of the Danaopo Cd-Ge-bearing Zn-Pb deposit, western Hunan, China(2023-07-05)
Distinct REY sources recorded in the Doushantuo phosphorite(2023-07-05)
Origin of the high conductivity anomalies in the mid-lower crust of the Tibetan Plateau: Dehydration melting of garnet amphibolites(2023-07-04)
Changes in Atmospheric Gaseous Elemental Mercury Concentrations and Isotopic Compositions at Mt. Changbai During 2015-2021 and Mt. Ailao During 2017-2021 in China(2023-07-04)
Predominant contributions through lichen and fine litter to litterfall mercury deposition in a subalpine forest(2023-06-06)
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