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Aquatic methylmercury is a significant subsidy for terrestrial songbirds: Evidence from the odd mass-independent fractionation of mercury isotopes(2023-05-30)
An innovative process for dealkalization of red mud using leachate from Mn-containing waste(2023-05-30)
Elemental Behavior during Weathering and Pedogenesis of Clay-Rich Red Soils Developed in Different Lithologies in Java-Madura and Sulawesi in Indonesia(2023-05-30)
Molybdenum cycling in Andean-type subduction and metallogenic implications(2023-05-30)
Insights into the weathering behavior of pyrite in alkaline soil through electrochemical characterizations: Actual hazards or potentially benefits?(2023-05-30)
Heavy metals in fish, rice, and human hair and health risk assessment in Wuhan city, central China(2023-05-30)
Thermal equation of state for zoisite: Implications for the transportation of water into the upper mantle and the high-velocity anomaly in the Farallon plate(2023-05-30)
Ca. 830 Ma alkaline mafic dykes in the southeastern Guizhou Province, South China: New constraints on the Neoproterozoic evolution of the Yangtze Block(2023-05-30)
The long-lived transcrustal magmatic systems of Southeast China in response to paleo-Pacific plate subduction, recorded by the Cretaceous volcanic sequences in southeastern Zhejiang Province(2023-05-30)
Effects of Biochar Amendment on Nitrous Oxide Emission, Bacterial and Fungal Community Composition in a Tobacco-Planting Soil(2023-05-30)
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