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High-Temperature Oxidation of Magnesium- and Iron-Rich Olivine under a CO2 Atmosphere: Implications for Venus(2023-05-29)
Pressure-driven structural phase transitions and metallization in the two-dimensional ferromagnetic semiconductor CrBr3(2023-05-29)
Lithologic controls on the mobility of Cd in mining-impacted watersheds revealed by stable Cd isotopes(2023-05-29)
Contrasting magmatic controls on the genesis of Fe-Ti-V oxide deposits in the Emeishan large igneous province using apatite Sr-Nd isotopes and apatite-zircon trace elements(2023-05-29)
Dynamic shock wave-induced switchable order to disorder states of single crystal of sulfamic acid: a combined study of X-ray and Raman spectroscopy(2023-05-29)
An unique, fluocerite-rich REE deposit in Henan province, Central China: the missing link in magmatic-hydrothermal REE mineralizing systems?(2023-05-29)
Volumes and spin states of FeHx: Implication for the density and temperature of the Earth's core(2023-05-29)
Quantifying Mercury Distribution and Source Contribution in Surface Soil of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Using Mercury Isotopes(2023-05-10)
The Redox State of Incipient Oceanic Subduction Zones: An Example From the Troodos Ophiolite (Cyprus)(2023-05-10)
Proterozoic evolution of the Alxa block in western China: A wandering terrane during supercontinent cycles(2023-05-08)
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