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Space weathering effects and potential spectral alteration on Phobos and the Moon: Clues from the Fe content of olivine(2023-05-08)
Fluid source and physicochemical conditions of the polymetallic mineralization in Gawuch Formation, Kohistan Island Arc, NW Pakistan(2023-05-06)
Combined Effects of Biochar and Inhibitors on Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Global Warming Potential, and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in the Tobacco Field(2023-05-06)
Coal-source acid mine drainage reduced the soil multidrug-dominated antibiotic resistome but increased the heavy metal(loid) resistome and energy production-related metabolism(2023-05-06)
Sluggish Slab Rollback at the Early Stage of Flux Melting During Subduction Initiation: Li Isotopic Evidence From the Coto High-Al Chromite Deposit, Zambales Ophiolite, Philippines(2023-05-06)
Shock-induced potassium and zinc isotope fractionation in ordinary chondrites and its implications(2023-05-06)
In situ analysis of surface composition and meteorology at the Zhurong landing site on Mars(2023-05-06)
Mercury anomalies across the Cryogenian-Ediacaran boundary in South China(2023-05-05)
Lunar Procellarum KREEP Terrane (PKT) Stratigraphy and Structure with Depth: Evidence for Significantly Decreased Th Concentrations and Thermal Evolution Consequences(2023-05-05)
Metagenomic analysis characterizes resistomes of an acidic, multimetal (loid)-enriched coal source mine drainage treatment system(2023-05-04)
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