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Monitoring impacts of ecological engineering on ecosystem services with geospatial techniques in karst areas of SW China(2023-09-07)
Human biomonitoring of heavy metals exposure in different age- and gender-groups based on fish consumption patterns in typical coastal cities of China(2023-09-07)
The effect of platinum-group minerals on differentiation of platinum-group elements in magmatic sulfide deposits(2023-09-07)
Cretaceous Nb-enriched basalts in the western Gan-Hang belt, South China: A response to slab window opening during the Paleo-Pacific ridge subduction(2023-09-06)
Paleosalinity of the Nanhua Basin (South China) during the Cambrian Explosion(2023-09-06)
Volcanism intensity and associated climate-ocean-land dynamics during the Cryogenian interglaciation: Insights from mercury isotopes(2023-09-06)
Electrical conductivity of anhydrous and hydrous gabbroic melt under high temperature and high pressure: implications for the high-conductivity anomalies in the mid-ocean ridge region(2023-08-31)
Sustainability of crystallographic phase of & alpha;-Glycine under dynamic shocked conditions(2023-08-29)
Natural sediments activating peroxydisulfate for in situ degradation of antibiotics under anoxic conditions: The critical role of surface-adsorbed and structural Fe(II)(2023-08-29)
Hydrothermal apatite as a robust U-Th-Pb chronometer for the Carlin-type gold deposits in the Youjiang basin, SW China(2023-08-29)
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