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Pressure dependence of electrical conductivity in forsterite(2017-04-21)
Isosymmetric pressure-induced bonding increase changes compression behavior of clinopyroxenes across jadeite-aegirine solid solution in subduction zones(2017-04-21)
Copper isotopic compositions of the Zijinshan high-sulfidation epithermal Cu-Au deposit, South China: Implications for deposit origin(2017-04-21)
Precise columbite-(Fe) and zircon U-Pb dating of the Nanping No. 31 pegmatite vein in northeastern Cathaysia Block, SE China(2017-04-21)
Sensitivity of chemical weathering and dissolved carbon dynamics to hydrological conditions in a typical karst river(2017-04-12)
Petrogenesis and tectonic implications of the Neoproterozoic Datian mafic-ultramafic dykes in the Panzhihua area, western Yangtze Block, SW China(2017-04-12)
Aerobic and anaerobic biosynthesis of nano-selenium for remediation of mercury contaminated soil(2017-04-10)
A lunar dust simulant: CLDS-i(2017-04-10)
Evaluation of arsenic sorption and mobility in stream sediment and hot spring deposit in three drainages of the Tibetan Plateau(2017-04-10)
Review of arsenic geochemical characteristics and its significance on arsenic pollution studies in karst groundwater, Southwest China(2017-04-10)
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