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Review on the Tectonic Terranes Associated with Metallogenic Zones in Southeast Asia(2019-11-29)
Thermal Diffusivity of Lherzolite at High Pressures and High Temperatures Using Pulse Method(2019-11-29)
First measurement of atmospheric mercury species in Qomolangma Natural Nature Preserve, Tibetan Plateau, and evidence of transboundary pollutant invasion(2019-11-28)
Cosmogenic nuclides (Be-10 and Al-26) erosion rate constraints in the Badain Jaran Desert, northwest China: implications for surface erosion mechanisms and landform evolution(2019-11-28)
Atmospheric PM2.5-Bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Guiyang City, Southwest China: Concentration, Seasonal Variation, Sources and Health Risk Assessment(2019-11-28)
Elasticity of single-crystal periclase at high pressure and temperature: The effect of iron on the elasticity and seismic parameters of ferropericlase in the lower mantle(2019-11-27)
Diagenetic mobilization of Ti and formation of brookite/anatase in early Cambrian black shales, South China(2019-11-25)
Experimental comparisons of multiscale pore structures between primary and disturbed coals and their effects on adsorption and seepage of coalbed methane(2019-11-25)
A pilot study on using biochars as sustainable amendments to inhibit rice uptake of Hg from a historically polluted soil in a Karst region of China(2019-11-25)
Hydrothermal Alteration, Fluid Evolution, and Re-Os Geochronology of the Grota Funda Iron Oxide Copper-Gold Deposit, Carajas Province (Para State), Brazil(2019-11-22)
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