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Effect of dehydration on the electrical conductivity of phyllite at high temperatures and pressures(2017-12-15)
Geochemistry of rare earth elements in soils under different land uses in a typical karst area, Guizhou Province, Southwest China(2017-12-15)
In situ SIMS U-Pb dating of hydrothermal rutile: reliable age for the Zhesang Carlin-type gold deposit in the golden triangle region, SW China(2017-12-15)
Geology, Fluid Inclusions, and Isotopic Geochemistry of the Jinman Sediment-Hosted Copper Deposit in the Lanping Basin, China(2017-12-15)
Mercury Isotope Signatures of Methylmercury in Rice Samples from the Wanshan Mercury Mining Area, China: Environmental Implications(2017-12-13)
Lentzea pudingi sp nov., isolated from a weathered limestone sample in a karst area(2017-12-13)
Meishucun phosphorite succession (SW China) records redox changes of the early Cambrian ocean(2017-12-12)
Poly (Ethylene Glycol)-Block-Brush Poly (L-Lysine) Copolymer as an Efficient Nanocarrier for Human Hepatocyte Growth Factor with Enhanced Bioavailability and Anti-Ischemia Reperfusion Injury Efficacy(2017-12-12)
Effect of biochar on the bioavailability of difenoconazole and microbial community composition in a pesticide-contaminated soil(2017-12-12)
Carbonate carbon isotope evolution of seawater across the Ediacaran-Cambrian transition: evidence from the Keping area, Tarim Basin, NW China(2017-12-12)
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