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Geochemistry and age spectrum of Late Yanshanian granites from Laojunshan Area, Southeastern Yunnan Province, China

LAN Jiang-Bo et al.(441)


A New Type Copper Mineralization in Dulong Sn-Zn Polymetallic Deposit, Southeast Yunnan Province, China


WEI Wen-biao et al.(455)


History and Present Situation of Mineral Resources Exploitation and Utilization in Dulong Mine


LI Ting-jun et al.(463)


Geological and Geochemical Features and Its Exploration of Altered Granite Type Sn-Cu Polymetallic Deposits in Eastern Part of Gejiu, Yunnan, China


SHEN Si-lian et al.(471)


Ore-Controlling Factors, Metallogenetic Regularity and Prospecting of Eastern Laochang Deposits, Gejiu Mine, Yunnan Province, China


YANG Bao-fu et al.(479)


Geological and Geochemical Characteristics of Later Yanshanian Concealed Granite and its Relation with Sn-Zn Polymetallic Mineralization


SU Hang et al.(488)


Evolution Process of N-S Direction Faults in Dulong Ore Area, SE Yunnan Province, China and Its Mineralization Significance


TAO Zhi-hua et al.(497)


Mineralization Stages and Ore-Forming Fluid of Dulong Sn-Zn Polymetal Ore Deposit, Yunnan Province, China


YE Lin et al.(503)


Microanalysis of Oolitic Pyrite in Dulong Sn-Zn Polymetallic Deposit, Maguan, Yunnan Province, China 


LI Zhong-xuan et al.(510)


Geochemistry of Garnet from Ore-Hosting Skarn from Dulong Sn-Zn Deposit, SE Yunnan Province, China and Its Mineralization and Exploration Significance 


WANG Jin-liang et al(519)


Discovery of Vesuvianit in Dulong Sn-Zn Polymetallic Ore Deposit, Southeastern Yunnan Province, China and its Geological Significance 


SU Hang et al.(529)


Exploitation and Utilization of Ultralow Grade Resource in Dulong Mine, Yunnan, China 


LI Hu-ling et al.(535)


Discussion on Mining Methods for Different Types of Ore in Dulong Polymetallic Open-Pit Mine 


QIAN Xu-lin et al.(540)


Practice and Prospect on Flotation of Fine Cassiterite 


LAN Xi-xiong et al.(544)


Ore Prospecting Model and Blind Orebody Prediction for Tongjie - Manjiazhai Ore Domain in Dulong Mine, SE Yunnan Province, China 


ZHANG Suo-qing et al(549)


Mineral Composition and Microscopic Pore Characteristics of Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation Shale in Eastern Chongqing City, China 


WANG Yu et al.(555)


Typomorphic Characteristics of Pyrite and Source of Ore-Forming Materials in Nibao Carlin Type Gold Deposit, Guizhou Province, China 


SHENG Xiang-yuan et al.(563)


Research on Emplacement Depths of Permian and Triassic Pegmatites in Altay, Xinjiang, China: Indications from Fluid Inclusions 


HUANG Yong-sheng et al.(571)


Study on Geochemical Multivariate Statistics Analysis and Prospecting Potential of Shangxu – Daze Area in the Northern Tibet  


OUYANG Yuan et al.(585) 


Geochemical Characteristics and Petroleum Geologic Significance of the Early Carboniferous Black Rock Series in Southern Guizhou Province, China 


ZHANG Hai-quan et al.(595) 


Spatial Distribution and Variation Characteristics of Soil Nutrients in Wenshan Cultivated Soil 


TAN Zhi-yong et al.(600) 

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