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On the proper use of the Bigeleisen-Mayer equation and corrections to it in the calculation of isotopic fractionation equilibrium constants(2011-01-13)
Probing Hg evasion from surface waters of two Chinese hyper/meso-eutrophic reservoirs(2011-01-13)
Lead, Zn, and Cd in slags, stream sediments, and soils in an abandoned Zn smelting region, southwest of China, and Pb and S isotopes as source tracers(2011-01-05)
A revision of the genus Qianleptoneta (Araneae: Leptonetidae)(2011-01-05)
Geochemical characteristics of platinum group elements and Re Os isotope of the Lengshuiqing Cu-Ni sulfide deposit in western Sichuan Province and implications for mineralization(2011-01-05)
Sulfur isotopes characteristics and genesis of Tamu lead and zinc ore deposit, southwest margin of Tarim, Xinjiang(2011-01-04)
Effects of Sintering Conditions on the Properties of the Pt/YSZ Electrodes Studied by a Chronoamperometry Method(2011-01-04)
Primary scientific results of Chang'E-1 lunar mission(2010-12-06)
First-principles study of Ge isotope fractionation during adsorption onto Fe(III)-oxyhydroxide surfaces(2010-12-03)
Electrical conductivity of two-pyroxene granulite under high pressure in northern margin of North China craton(2010-12-03)
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