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Anthropogenic inputs of boron into urban atmosphere: Evidence from boron isotopes of precipitations in Guiyang City, China(2010-12-02)
Stable sulphur and nitrogen isotopes of the moss Haplocladium microphyllum at urban, rural and forested sites(2010-12-02)
Application of the stable-isotope system to the study of sources and fate of Hg in the environment:
A review
Geochemistry of dissolved inorganic carbon and carbonate weathering in a small typical karstic catchment of Southwest China: Isotopic and chemical constraints(2010-11-24)
Re–Os isotopic constraints on the genesis of the Limahe Ni–Cu deposit in the Emeishan large igneous province, SW China(2010-11-24)
The early Jurassic mafic-ultramafic intrusion and A-type granite from northeastern Guangdong, SE China: Age, origin, and tectonic significance(2010-11-19)
Anti-phase oscillation of Asian monsoons during the Younger Dryas period: Evidence from peat cellulose delta C-13 of Hani, Northeast China(2010-11-18)
The assessment-meeting of Chinese Academy of Sciences International Partnership Project "The geochemiscal processes of the earth's surface and enviromental effect" was hold(2009-09-02)
Some important achievements obtained in the latest research phase for a project named as “Rocky desertification and adaptive ecosystem regulation in Karst mountain region(2009-09-02)
Uranium Metallogenesis in South China and Its Relationship to Crustal Extension during the Cretaceous to Tertiary(2009-02-17)
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