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Vol. 49, No.6, Tot No.344 2021 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 49, No.6, Tot No.344 2021 


Spatio-temporal Variation and Driving Factors of “ Three Nitrogen ” in Shallow Groundwater in Typical Over-exploited Areas in North China
CONG Xin et al

615  Study on Spatial Differentiation of Precipitation between North and South of Qinling Mountains
SONG Linlin et al 


CO2 Migration Characteristics and the Environmental Coupling Relationship in a Karst Cave System
SHI Liangxing et al


Vegetation Change and Its Response to Climate Factors in the Middle Reaches of the Yarlung Zangbo River from 2010 to 2019: A Case Study of Lhasa-Linzhi Section of Sichuan-Tibet Railway
ZHANG Han et al


End Member Analysis on Grain Size of Reticulated Red Clay and Its Indication Significance in Xiangyang Section of Xuancheng
XU Liangyu et al


Risk Assessment and Source Apportionment of Heavy Metals in Dust Fall in Primary and Secondary Schools of a Typical Industrial City
SUN Ang et al


Effects of Vermicompost Application on the Content and Forms of Soil Nitrogen
YE Shasha et al 


Contamination and Human Health Risks of Sb and As in Farmland Soils around a Typical Antimony Smelter in Guizhou, China
YAO Dongju et al


Spatial Distribution and Ecological Risk Assessment of PAHs in Different Karst Underground Rivers Based on Species Sensitivity Distribution
HU Yuqing et al


Source Apportionment and Risk Assessment of Pollutants in Farmland Soil Based on Township Scale
PENG Qigui et al


Determination of Heavy Metals Geochemical Baseline Value in Paddy Fields in the Dumu River Basin of Longli Coal Mine in Guizhou
SUN Dali et al


Evaluation of Oxidative Damage of PM2.5 in Main Cities of Guizhou Province
YANG Yushuang et al


The Effect of Biochar on the Farmland Soil CO2 Emission: A Review 
JIANG Minghua et al


Research Progress on Adsorption and Degradation of Organic Pollutants on Sepiolite Mineral Interface 
ZHANG Xueting et al


Research Progress on Critical Load of Nitrogen Deposition 
LU Chendong et al 




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