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Contamination and Human Health Risks of Sb and As in Farmland Soils around A Typical Antimony Smelter in Guizhou, China (Vol. 49, No.6, Tot No.344 2021) TEXT SIZE: A A A

YAO Dongju1,2, LIU Enguang2,5, NING Zengping2, XIAOTangfu3, MA Liang2,5, ZENG Guangneng1, LIU Yizhang2, HU Feng4, LIU Chengshuai2

(1. College of Eco-Environmental Engineering, Guizhou Minzu University, Guiyang 550025, China;
2. State Key Laboratory of Environmental Geochemistry, Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guiyang 550081, China;
3. School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou 510006, China;
4. Chongqing Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources, Chongqing 401120, China;
5. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China)

Abstract:Farmland soil around an antimony smelting plant in Dushan County, Guizhou Province, Southwest China, was taken as the research object, the total contents of Sb and As in the soil were determined, and the bioavailable contents of Sb and As in soil, extracted by two often used protocols SBET and PBET were analyzed by AFS. Based on the total amount and calculated bioavailability (PBET and SBET), the potential human health risks caused by exposure to Sb and As in local farmland soil were evaluated. The results showed that Sb and As pollution was serious in farmland soil samples collected from the study area, and the average contents of Sb (55.63±75.59 mg/kg) and As (44.31±38.34 mg/kg) in soil exceeded the regional background values of Guizhou Province and the rick screening values of contaminated agricultural soil in China. The bioaccessible contents of Sb and As using SBET and PBET in soil and the calculated bioaccessibility of Sb and As were both low, and the bioaccessibility of Sb and As by PBET are higher than those by SBET. Compared with the total amount of elements, the HQ, HI and CR based on bioaccessibility (PBET and SBET) significantly decreased, and the HQs and HIs for adults and children were all reduced to the safe range. However, only CRSBET-adults fallen down to the safe level while CRSBET-children, CRSBET-adults and CRPBET-children were still higher than the safe level. Attention should be paid to the potential carcinogenic risks of As to local residents, especially for children.

Key words: Antimony (Sb); Arsenic (As); bioaccessibility; farmland soil; human health risk assessment

EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.49, No.1, Tot No.344, 2021, Page 673-683

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