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Effects of Vermicompost Application on the Content and Forms of Soil Nitrogen (Vol. 49, No.6, Tot No.344 2021) TEXT SIZE: A A A

YE Shasha1, YANG Cheng1, SUN Yan1, MENG Fanfei1,2, YUAN Huaguan1, PENG Yan1, LIU Taoze1

(1.College of Eco-Environmental Engineering, Guizhou Minzu University, Guiyang 550025, in China;
2.College of Humanities &Sciences of Guizhou Minzu University, Guiyang 550025, in China)

Abstract:A pot experiment was conducted, which includes five treatments of 0 t/hm2 (CK), 15 t/hm2 (A1), 30 t/hm2 (A2), 45 t/hm2 (A3) and 60 t/hm2 (A4), to study the effects of different treatments on soil nitrogen content and form. Results indicated that in comparison with CK, vermicompost application significantly increased the content of organic matter, the conductivity and the total nitrogen (TN). The TN content in soil ranged from 2.06 to 2.56 g/kg, with an average of 2.23 g/kg. Compared with CK (1.75 g/kg), the TN content of A2 (2.56 g/kg) increased by 46.28%. The content of non-transferable nitrogen (NTF-N) was relatively high, accounting for 89.43% to 91.46% of TN, while, transferable nitrogen (TF-N) accounted for 10.58% to 13.54% of TN. Nitrogen content of transformable nitrogen decreased in the order of organic matter-sulfide form nitrogen (OSF-N)> iron-manganese oxides form nitrogen (IMOF-N) > carbonate-bound form nitrogen (CF-N) > ion-extractable form nitrogen (IEF-N). With the dosage increased, OSF-N was increased gradually, while IEF-N and CF-N decreased first and then increased, IMOF-N increased first and then decreased. The content of OSF-N was highest of TF-N, which was the main occurrence form, this indicated that the activity of transformable nitrogen forms was relatively stable, and was not easy to induce the soil-water pollution. There was a significant positive correlation between TN and NTF-N, indicating that NTF-N was the main component of TN, and NTF-N had greater contribution to TN. The study showed that the application of vermicompost had great effect on the soil nitrogen content and form.

Key words: Vermicompost; Nitrogen form; Nitrogen content

EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.49, No.1, Tot No.344, 2021, Page 665-672

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