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Vol. 44, No.6, Tot No.314 2016 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 44, No.6, Tot No.314 2016
Research Results  


Elemental Geochemistry for Climate Change of Yishu River Basin during 7470-2550 a BP


GAO Huazhong (595)


Concentration and Seasonal Variation of Organophosphorus Flame Retardant in PM2.5 of Taiyuan City, China


 GUO Zhiming et al (600)


Mercury Content Distribution and Pollution Research on Overlod Grass System in Mercury Surrounding Soil of Nandan Yulan Area, Guangxi Province, China


 WANG Yuanwei et al (605)


A Preliminary Study on Groundwater Organic Contamination Characteristics in Yulin Area, China


 CUI Huqun et al (613)


Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of Groundwater of Arid Zone of Karst Region and Its Controlling Factors: Case for Xinren County


 LEI Kun et al (619)


Chemical Characteristics of Groundwater in Xishan Area, Urumuqi River, China


YIN Xiulan et al (628)


Spatial and Temporal Variation of Chemical Characteristics and Source Analysis of Precipitation of Shiyang River Basin


 LI Zongjie et al (637)


Distribution Characteristics of Soil C, N and P in Newly­formed Wetlands of the Yellow River Delta, China and Their Stoichiometry Implications


 ZHANG You et al (647)


Applied Study 



Analysis of CO2 Concentration Changes under Different Spectral Scales in Zhijin Cave Environment


ZHANG Qiang et al (654)


Interpretation of Soil Geochemical Abnormity in Cangzhou­Wuqiang Area in Hebei Plain, China


ZHANG Xiuzhi et al (663)


Heavy Metal Contamination Characteristics of Fluvial Sediment Sections and Soil Sections
in the Northeastern Qinghai Lake Watershed, China

CHANG Huajin et al (671)


Research on Magnetic Susceptibility as the Indicator for Heavy Metal Polutions of Chinese Cities ——A Case Study of Xuchang City


YAN Hui et al (678)


Experiment Research 



Effects of Four Soil Amendments on Improving Soil Quality and Acidity of Yellow Soils


LI Yang et al (683)


Removal of Antimony from Flowing Synthetic Wastewater by Sulfate­reducing Bacteria


WU Qiong et al (691)


Study on Adsorption of Methylene Blue by Banyan Leaves in Waste Water


LIAO Yingmin et al (699)

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