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Petrogensis and Tectonic Setting of Yemaquan Triassic Granite from the West of the Eastern Kunlun Mountain Range,China


  ZHANG Ai-kui et al.(157)

Geochemical Composition of Glutenite from Quanji Group in Oulongbuluke Mountain Outcrop and its Geological Significance


  SUN Jiao-peng et al.(174)

Primary Research on Trace Elements in Sphalerite from Tianqiao Pb-Zn Deposit, Northwestern Guizhou Province, China


  Li Zhen-li et al.(183)

A Preliminary Study on Ore-forming Conditions and Its Model for Banqi Secondary Phosphate Deposit, Ceheng County, Guizhou Province, China


  CHENG Guo-fan et al.(189)

Geological and Geochemical Characteristics and Significance of the Sena Cu-Au Deposit from Duolong Ore-concentration Area, Tibet, China


  GAO Ke et al.(198)

Preparation and Photocatalytic Properties of Nickel Phthalocyanine Modified Ni-Al Hydrotalcite 


  XU Min-hong et al.(208)

Bioleaching of Copper Sulphides and Their Crystal Stucture


  FU Kai-bin et al.(215)

The Influence of Different Standard Illuminants on Tourmaline Color Red


  YANG Yu-ling et al.(220) 

Relationship Between Luster and Microstructure of Seawater Cultured Pearl


  LI Qian et al.(225)

Cold Spots and Warm Regions on the Lunar Surface: Analysis of Brightness Temperatures Data from Chang'E-2 Microwave Observation


  ZHU Yong-Chao et al.(231) 

Heterogeneous Hydrothermal Synthesis of Saponite and Factors Affecting its Crystallinity


  ZHANG Dan et al.(241)

Study on Preparation and Slow-release Properties of Coated Urea Fertilizer by Using Non-metallic Minerals and Ethylcellulose


  ZHENG Wei-hong et al.(247)

Structures and Sedimentary Environment of Phosphorite in Zhijin County, Guizhou Province, China


  LIU Jie et al.(253)

The Start-up and Operation Performance of Denitrifying Biological Filter Filled with Limonite and Quartz Sand 


  LI Chuan-chuan et al.(260) 

Surface Crystal Chemistry in Selective Flotation of Diaspore from Kaolinite Using Anionic Collector 


  XU Long-hua et al.(265)

Sources of the Ore-forming Material from Yunluheba Ore Field in Northwest Guizhou Province, China: Constraints from S and Pb Isotope Geochemistry 


  ZHANG Hai et al.(271)

Electron Microprobe Characteristics of Barium Deposits in the Southern Qinling Mountains, China 


  TAO Yin-long et al.(277) 

Experimental Research on Hydrothermal Synthesis of Lanthanum Phosphate Nanowire Under CO2-saturated Condition 


  CHEN Zhu et al.(285)

A Research on Characteristics of Ore-bearing Rock Series and Mineralization Principles of Bauxite from Guizhou Province, China 


  LIU You-ping et al.(289) 

Effects of Ion Strength on Interaction Between Perylene and Hydrophobic Fractions of Dissolved Matter (DOM) Isolated from Lake Water 


  MEI Yi et al.(295)

Discovery of Zisha Mineral Resources in Rong County, Sichuan Province, China and its Mineralogy and Petrology Characteristics 

  WANG Ling et al.(301) 

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