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Recent Papers
The wet Little Ice Age recorded by sediments in Huguangyan Lake, tropical South China(2012-08-06)
Isotopic evaluation of the role of arbuscular mycorrhizae in the nitrogen preference in Chinese fir seedlings(2012-08-02)
Effects of melt percolation on the Re-Os systematics of continental mantle lithosphere: A case study of spinel peridotite xenoliths from Heilongjiang, NE China(2012-08-02)
Activation of silicon quantum dots and coupling between the active centre and the defect state of the photonic crystal in a nanolaser(2012-08-02)
Adsorption of U(VI) by Bacillus mucilaginosus(2012-07-25)
Modelling the geographic distributions of endemic genera in the eastern Central Asian desert(2012-07-25)
Trace elements and Sr-Nd isotopic geochemistry and genesis of Jijie alkaline-ultramafic rocks, southern part of Panxi rift(2012-07-25)
Two years of measurements of atmospheric total gaseous mercury (TGM) at a remote site in Mt. Changbai area, Northeastern China(2012-07-11)
Chemical composition of rainwater in a karstic agricultural area, Southwest China: The impact of urbanization(2012-07-11)
Diversity of endolithic fungal communities in dolomite and limestone rocks from Nanjiang Canyon in Guizhou karst area, China(2012-07-11)
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