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Recent Papers
Subcellular cadmium distribution and antioxidant enzymatic activities in the leaves of two castor (Ricinus communis L.) cultivars exhibit differences in Cd accumulation(2015-09-02)
First-principles investigation of vanadium isotope fractionation in solution and during adsorption(2015-09-02)
Elasticity of single-crystal olivine at high pressures and temperatures(2015-09-02)
Atmospheric lead in urban Guiyang, Southwest China: Isotopic source signatures(2015-09-01)
Lunar absolute reflectance as observed by Chang'E-1 Imaging Interferometer(2015-08-31)
Profile distribution and accumulation characteristics of organic carbon in a karst hillslope based on particle-size fractionation and stable isotope analysis(2015-08-31)
Compressibilities of MnFe2O4 polymorphs(2015-08-28)
Raman spectra of stronadelphite Sr-5(PO4)(3)F at high pressures(2015-08-28)
Response of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) and delta C-13(DIC) to changes in climate and land cover in SW China karst catchments(2015-08-26)
Geochronology, mineralogy and geochemistry of alkali-feldspar granite and albite granite association from the Changyi area of Jiao-Liao-Ji Belt:(2015-08-26)
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