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Recent Papers
Mechanical and thermodynamic properties of the monoclinic and orthorhombic phases of SiC2N4 under high pressure from first principles(2015-01-23)
Tracing sources of pollution in soils from the Jinding Pb-Zn mining district in China using cadmium and lead isotopes(2015-01-19)
Using dual isotopic data to track the sources and behaviors of dissolved sulfate in the western North China Plain(2015-01-16)
Proterozoic Fe-Cu metallogeny and supercontinental cycles of the southwestern Yangtze Block, southern China and northern Vietnam(2015-01-16)
Ore-forming material of Dachang tin deposit in Guangxi, China: Lead isotope evidence(2015-01-16)
Pressure-induced phase transition of lead phosphate Pb-3(PO4)(2): X-ray diffraction and XANES(2015-01-13)
Trace element composition in tuite decomposed from natural apatite in high-pressure and high-temperature experiments(2015-01-12)
NanoSIMS analysis of organic carbon from the Tissint Martian meteorite: Evidence for the past existence of subsurface organic-bearing fluids on Mars(2015-01-12)
Influence of FeO and H on the electrical conductivity of olivine(2015-01-12)
Selenium isotopes trace anoxic and ferruginous seawater conditions in the Early Cambrian(2014-12-31)
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