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Recent Papers
Re-Os molybdenite ages and zircon Hf isotopes of the Gangjiang porphyry Cu-Mo deposit in the Tibetan Orogen(2013-07-16)
Bioleaching of rare earth and radioactive elements from red mud using Penicillium tricolor RM-10(2013-07-16)
Chirotherium Trackways from the Middle Triassic of Guizhou, China(2013-07-16)
U-Pb zircon age, geochemical, and Sr-Nd isotopic constraints on the age and origin of granodiorite porphyries in the Guilong area, southern Yunnan Province, South China(2013-07-05)
Shape and curved surface effect on silicon quantum dots(2013-07-05)
Tin isotope analysis of cassiterites from Southeastern and Eastern Asia(2013-07-05)
Mineralogy, geochemistry, and genesis of lateritic bauxite deposits in the Wuchuan-Zheng'an-Daozhen area, Northern Guizhou Province, China(2013-06-27)
Dynamic Changes in Bacterial Communities During Compost and Earthworm Treatment of Low-Grade Potassium Ore(2013-06-27)
The "coal-bauxite-iron" structure in the ore-bearing rock series as a prospecting indicator for southeastern Guizhou bauxite mines(2013-06-21)
Constraints of C-O-S-Pb isotope compositions and Rb-Sr isotopic age on the origin of the Tianqiao carbonate-hosted Pb-Zn deposit, SW China(2013-06-21)
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