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Upcoming Events
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Upcoming Events
Seminar on 2016-07-19: Sr and Mg isotope geochemistry of Marinoan cap carbonates: Implication for Neoproterozoic ocean circulation(2016-07-18)
Seminars on 2016-06-21(2016-06-20)
Seminar on 2016-06-17: Fluid-aided alteration of monazite and xenotime as result of coupled dissolution-reprecipitation:(2016-06-13)
Seminar on 2016-06-14: Fluids, Accessory Minerals, and Geochronology: Charting and Dating Mass Transfer During Metamorphism(2016-06-13)
Seminar on 2016-06-08: Selenium speciation of food, feed, dietary supplement and plant samples: general aspects and practical examples(2016-06-07)
Seminar on 2016-05-23: Phytoextraction. How ideas on using metal-accumulating plants have changed to meet the world of the 21st Century(2016-05-19)
Seminars on 2016-05-18&19(2016-05-16)
Seminar on 2016-05-09: Si isotope fractionations in simulated Precambrian seawater - towards a better informed interpretation on Si isotope records from Precambrian sedimentary rocks(2016-05-06)
Seminar on 2016-04-26: East Antarctic contributions to sea level change: what do in situ produced terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides tell us?(2016-04-21)
Seminar on 2016-04-01: Geochronology and thermochronology using the (U-Th)/He technique: Background, methods and applications(2016-03-31)
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