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Upcoming Events
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Upcoming Events
Seminar on 2016-01-12: The geochronology of uranium minerals(2016-01-11)
Seminars on 2016-01-11: 1. How to develop deposit models
2. Uranium geochemsitry through geological time
Seminars on 2015-11-30: 1. Trace element indiscrimination diagrams
2. The Permian mafic-ultramafic intrusions have nothing to do with mantle plume
Seminar on 2015-11-19: Updates on stable isotope ratio measurement techniques(2015-11-13)
Seminar on 2015-09-23: Uranium isotopes track the Cenozoic seawater redox stasis(2015-09-22)
Seminar on 2015-09-07: Biogeochemical metabolic modeling: method and application(2015-09-06)
Seminar on 2015-08-18: Deciphering the Mineralogy and Seismology of the Earth’s Mantle(2015-08-14)
Seminar on 2015-07-28: High pressure study of Cr-bearing spinel and its implication to Earth's and lunar interiors(2015-07-24)
Seminar on 2015-07-24: The role of sulfide saturation on the formation of porphyry deposits(2015-07-20)
Seminar on 2015-07-21: Origin of Martian Satellites: Sample Return Mission(2015-07-20)
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