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Upcoming Events
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Upcoming Events
Seminar on 2019-09-16: Geochemistry and geochronology of the porphyry-related intrusions of the Wasatch Mountains, Utah: implications for porphyry mineralization(2019-09-16)
Seminar on 2019-08-15: Algorithms and Simulation of Geochemical Transport and Carbon Sequestration in Subsurface Porous Media(2019-08-12)
Seminar on 2019-08-01: The precipitation of calcium carbonate and its isotope fractionation in aqueous system(2019-07-30)
Seminars on 2019-07-31 :(2019-07-30)
Seminar on 2019-07-30: New Insight into lower-Mantle Mineralogy and Water/Iron Chemistry(2019-07-29)
Seminar on 2019-07-26: Formation of ultra-refractory and related inclusions(2019-07-26)
Seminar on 2019-07-23: How Iron Cycling in Lakes Informs Our Understanding of the Greater Terrestrial Iron Cycle(2019-07-22)
Seminars on 2019-07-18:(2019-07-17)
Seminar on 2019-07-18: Water in the Upper and Lower Mantle: Somewhat Invisible But not always!(2019-07-17)
Seminar on 2019-07-15: The effect of chemical environment on cationic Olivine Diffusion: Why everything (Could be) Wrong!(2019-07-15)
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