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Vol. 45, No.6, Tot No.320 2017 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 45, No.6, Tot No.320 2017

Research Results 



Extreme Temperature Changes in Harbin Region, Heilongjiang Province, China over the Past 60 Years


LIU Dan et al (587)


A Study on Factors of Space­time Distributions of Precipitation in Ailao Mountain Area and Comparison of Interpolation Methods


LI Yue et al (600)


Temporal and Spatial Variation of Ozone Concentration in Urban Atmosphere: A Case Study of the City of Tianshui


LU Xiujuan et al (612)


A Study on Paleoclimatic Evolution of the Xorkol Basin during 13.5 to 2.5 Ma by Using Carbon and Oxygen Isotopes of Sediments


MO Lingtong et al (620)


Geochemical Characteristics of Soil Selenium in Selenium­rich Area in Changshantou, Ningxia Province, China


GAO Yu et al (628)


Speciation and Bioavailability of Heavy Metals in Agricultural Soil from the Tonglvshan Mining Area, Hubei Province


FANG Yuemei et al (634)


Applied Study



Alkaline Blast­Furnace Slag Used as Admixture for Porous Concrete for Purification Experimental of Acidic Water


CHEN Weihua et al (643)


Phosphate Adsorption Characteristics of Fe­Mn Oxide/Palygorskite Composites


HAO Yanling et al (649)


A Study on the Effect of Three Dimensional Ecological Floating Bed on the Purification of Environmental Water Body in Karst Area


LI Pengwu et al (654)


Assessment of Heavy Metal Pollution for an Abandoned Mine Area and Suggestions on Farmland Reclamation 


WANG Qingsen et al (660)


Analysis on Environmental Economic Solutions for Industrial Mercury Pollution Control Based on Mass Balance Model 


CHANG Dunhu et al (668)


Impact of Corn Straw Biochar on Water Holding Capacity of the Yellow Soil in Guizhou Province, China 


WU Wei et al (675)


Degradation of Hexachlorobiphenyl PCB138 in Soils with Three Types of Zero Valent Iron 


CONG Xin et al (681)


Special Subject and Review



Review on Biochar Decomposition and Priming Effect


CHAO Lin et al (686)

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