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Temporal and Spatial Variation of Ozone Concentration in Urban Atmosphere: A Case Study of the City of Tianshui (Vol.45, No.6) TEXT SIZE: A A A
LU Xiujuan1, JU Tianzhen1, LI Bing1, XIE Shuntao1, WANG Jing1, WANG shuang1, ZHANG Bincai2, ZHANG Junfeng3
(1. Northwest Normal University Geography and Environmental Science College, Lan Zhou 730070, China;
2.Bureau of Surveying and mapping of Gansu Province, Lan Zhou 730030, China; 3.Tianshui City Environmental Monitoring Station, Tianshui 741000 , China)
Abstract: Study on the law of development of urban ozone can provide theoretical basis for urban environmental management. In this paper, temporal and spatial information of the concentration of ozone in Tianshui City during 2006-2014 were analyzed by using satellite OMITO3e data products. Results show that: (1) the spatial distribution shows “V” shape with high contents in northeast and northwest and low contents in the middle and south; (2) the air quality grade of the study area is good for many years; (3) annual change shows a single peak curve, for 9 years the average concentration of ozone column value is 301.177DU; the maximum value is 325.829DU; the minimum value is 279.093DU. From 2006 to 2010, the trend is rising with annual growth rate of 3.98%. From 2010 to 2014 is the period of decline, with an average annual decline rate of 2.52%; (4) nine study years could divided into two stages, in the first three years, ozone distribution is in the order of winter>summer>autumn>spring, and summer>autumn>winter>spring in the last six years. The two stages of ozone column concentration is closely related to the rapid development of local economy.
Key words: OMI; concentration of ozone column; temporal and spatial distribution, Tianshui 
EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.45, No.6, Tot No.320, 2017, Page 612-619
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