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A Study on Factors of Space-time Distributions of Precipitation in Ailao Mountain Area and Comparison of Interpolation Methods (Vol.45, No.6) TEXT SIZE: A A A
LI Yue1, 2, 3, QI Shi1, 2, 3*, CHENG Baihan1, 2, 3, MA Junming1, 2, 3, MA Cong4, QIU Yidan4, CHEN Qinyan4
( 1. Key Laboratory of State Forestry Administration on Soil and Water Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing 100083, China;
2. Beijing Engineering Research Center of Soil and Water Conservation, Beijing Forestry University, Beijing 100083, China;
3. Engineering Research Center of Forestry Ecological Engineering, Beijing Forestry University, Ministry of Education, Beijing 100083,China;
4. Yunnan Science Research Institute of Communication & Transportation, Kunming 650011, China)
Abstract: In order to study the main factors influencing the precipitation of the Ailao Mountain area, and to explore the best way for spatial interpolation, rainfall data of 30 weather stations in the study area from 2005 to 2014 were analyzed. According to the characteristics of rainfall, study period was divided into “year” “dry season” and “wet season”. Spatial autocorrelation of the influencing factors of precipitation was analyzed. Selection and combination of major correlation factors were conducted and Leave-One-Out method was used to check the interpolation accuracy. Furthermore, the optimal rainfall interpolation method was conducted by comparative analysis and verification. Results show that 1) the main factors affecting the mountainous area precipitation include latitude, elevation, gradient, slope direction and PWEI (prevailing wind-direction effect index); 2) the main factors affecting the annual and seasonal precipitation include latitude, elevation, gradient and slope direction; the main factors affecting the wet season precipitation are latitude, altitude, slope and PWEI; the main factors affecting the dry season precipitation are latitude, elevation, gradient and slope direction; and 3) by introducing as much as possible of environmental factors influencing precipitation, operation and analysis could largely improve the accuracy of the interpolation results. Thus it can be seen that rainfall interpolation accuracy is related to not only the structure of the interpolation method itself, but above all, reasonable selection and introduction of the main environmental impact factors based on the characteristics of precipitation.
Keywords: the Ailao Mountain; precipitation; spatial and temporal distribution; influencing factor; interpolation method
EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.45, No.6, Tot No.320, 2017, Page 600-611
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