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Alkaline Blast-Furnace Slag Used as Admixture for Porous Concrete for Purification Experimental of Acidic Water (Vol.45, No.6) TEXT SIZE: A A A
CHEN Weihua1,2, QI Danwei1, HU Jiurong1,2
(1.School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering,Shangrao Normal University, Shangrao 334000, China ;
2. Jiangxi Provincial Research Center of Targeting Pharmaceutical Engineering Technology, Shangrao 334001, China)
Abstract:Alkaline blast-furnace slag and porous concrete have good performance in water purification, and we used alkaline blast-furnace slag as admixture for porous concrete to make blast furnace slag porous concrete (BSPC). In addition, we studied the effect of BSPC treating simulated acid water. Results show that the pH of simulated acid water changes from 2 ~ 3 to 8.5 ~ 9.1 by BSPC. Compared with normal porous concrete, the porous concrete added blast furnace slag increase the average removal rates of turbidity, CODcr, TP and Cd by 6.2%,8.8%, 5.2% and 4.5%, respectively for the porous concrete added blast furnace slag, and are 74.3%,74.5%,91.7% and 86.5%, respectively. Morover, the porosity of BSPC decreases with treatment of acidic water, however, the degree of declining is 6.2% which is not high, and does not affect BSPC treating acidic water. In the end, we used infrared spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction to detect the white floc on the surface of BSPC, analyzed the white floc that may contain CaCO3, SiO2 and hydrated calcium silicate (C-S-H) which derived from the BSPC dissolution by preliminary determination.
Keywords: porous concrete; alkaline blast-furnace slag; acid water; purification experiment
EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.45, No.6, Tot No.320, 2017, Page 643-648
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