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Photoelectrochemical Activity of Nano-Birnessite in Response to Visible Light and Degradation of Methyl Orange


REN Gui-ping et al.(373)


Mechanistic Insights into Interaction of Humic Acid with Zinc Oxide Modified Zeolite Adsorbent  


WANG Ling-ling et al(380)


Mineragraphy and 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Yindonggou Ag-Au Deposit, South Qinling Mountains, China


ZHU Feng et al.(386)


Preparation of Zinc Contained Layered Double Hydroxides by Co-precipitation Method and Its Photocatalytic Properties


XU Min-hong et al.(395)


Geochemical Characteristics and Prospecting Direction of Xihuhechulu Area, Northern Da Hinggan Mountains, China


WANG Chun-song et al.(401)


Effect of Adhered Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria on Decomposition of Anhydrite


KONG Dian-chao et al.(411)


Re-Os Isotopic Dating of Chalcopyrite in Quartz Vein from Dahongshan IOCG Deposit in Kangdian Copper Metallogenic Belt and Its Significance


JIN Ting-fu et al.(417)


Geochemical Characteristics of Carbonate Rocks in the Peripheral Formation of Limei Lead and Zinc Mine Area in Xiangxi Area, China


ZHANG Xu-yang et al.(427)


Tectono-Geochemical Features and Orientation Prognosis of Concealed Ores of Yangla Cu Deposit, Yunnan Province, SW China


DU Li-juan et al.(434)


Mineralogy Characteristicsand Genesis of Epsomite from Doushantuo Formation Phosphorus-bearing Rock Series, Songlin Town, Zunyi
County, Guizhou Province, China


ZHOU Zhong-rong et al.(443)


A Study on Sedimentary Characteristics of Phosphate Rock at the Bottom of the Cambrian in Central Guizhou Province, China


 YANG Rui-dong et al.(448)


Research on Separation for Low-grade Oxidized Zinc Ore with Sulfurization-Amine


ZHANG Peng-fei et al.(456)


Characteristic of Uranium Minerals in Nalinggou Uranium Deposit of Ordos Basin and Their Formation Mechanism


WANG Gui et al.(461)


Features of Sphalerite-Hosted Fluid Inclusions of Fule Lead-Zinc Mining Area and Outskirts in Luoping Area, Eastern Yunnan Province, China


NIAN Hong-liang et al.(469)


Zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Dating and Geological Significance of Quartz Monzonite-Porphyry from Xifanping Copper Deposit in
Yanyuan County, Sichuan Province, China


ZHANG Hai et al.(475)


Geochemical Characteristics and Minerogenic Potential of Hongmeiling Granitic Porphyry in Taqian-Fuchun Metallogenic Belt


MENG Zhi-yu et al.(486)


Sources and Geochemistry of Platinum Group Elements (PGE) in the Early Cambrian Black Rock Series in Chengkou District,
Northern Dabashan, Southwestern China


ZHU Zheng-jie et al.(495)

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