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Weathering Effects on Physical Property of Ordinary Chondrites


  SHI Feng et al.(1)


Experimental Study on Thermal Diffusivity for Albite Aggregates under the condition of High Temperature and High Pressure


  CHEN Gang et al.(7)


Characteristics of Carbon and Oxygen Isotope of Carbonatite and the Diagenetic Significance of the Ma56th Member in Bahannao Area, the Ordos Basin, China 


  TIAN Wen et al.(12)


Pollution Characteristics and Risk Assessment of PAHs in Surface Sediment of Lake Caohai and Its Estuaries in China


  WANG Bin et al.(19)


Zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Ages of diabase from Yinshan Deposit and Its Geological Significance, Dexing, Jiangxi Province, South China  


  ZHANG Ming-ji et al.(25)


Fluornatropyrochlore, A New Pyrochlore Supergroup Mineral  


  YIN Jing-wu et al.(34)


Zeolitization of Potassic Syenites by Alkali-hydrothermal Treatment and its  mineralization Significance


  YANG Jing et al.(38)


Micro-area Analysis of Uranium Minerals by Micro FT-IR Spectrometry


  QIU Lin-fei et al.(43)


Separation Technological Research on a Copper-pyrite-iron Ore Containing Chalmersite and Monoclinic Pyrrhotite


  XIAO Jun et al.(48)


Crystal Form Typomorphic Characteristics of Zircon from Houyu Cu-Mo-Au Deposit in Shanxi Province, China


  DONG Ya-lin et al.(54)


Research Progress in Experimental Study of Plagioclase Crystallization


  XU Man et al.(61)


A Study on Banded Pyrite in Tiegelongnan Copper(Gold-Silver) Deposit, Tibet, China and Its Geological Implications


 YANG Huan-huan et al.(70)


A Review on Research on Applications of Eucryptite


  ZHANG Wei(80)


Research on XRD Phase for Clay Minerals in Organo-Mineral Complex of Major Soil from Jilin Province, China


  ZHANG Zhi-dan et al.(97)


Geology and Sulfur and Lead Isotopic Geochemistry of Liangjiang Cu Deposit, Central Guangxi Province, Southern China


  CAI Yi et al.(103)


Application of Orthogonal Experiment in the Roughing Regent System Optimization of Nickel Ore


  WANG Yu-bin et al.(111)


The Dual Role of Polymeric Depressant in Chlorite Flotation


  FENG Bo et al.(115)


LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Dating for Paleozoic Granite from Xiaosaishiteng Mountain and Its Geological Significance 


  CHEN Shi-yue et al.(119)


Geochemical Behavior of Rare-Earth Element During the Weathering of Granite under
Different Climatic Conditions 


 YANG Jun-xiong et al.(125)


Characteristics of Halloysite from Xishuangbanna Area, Yunnan Province, China


  LI Xiao-fan et al.(138)


Study of Quartz Diorite Porphyry by LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Dating and Lu-Hf Isotopic Tracing in the Zhunuo Porphyry Deposit, Tibet 


  ZHANG Li et al.(143)


Effect of Fluid Force Field on the Flotation Separation of Serpentine/Pyrite   FENG Bo et al.(150) 
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