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Recent Papers
Theoretical estimation of the equilibrium distribution of clumped isotopes in nature(2012-03-01)
Application of Rayleigh waves on PS-wave static corrections(2012-03-01)
An all-silicon laser by coupling between electronic localized states and defect states of photonic crystal(2012-03-01)
Methylmercury in rice (Oryza sativa L.) grown from the Xunyang Hg mining area, Shaanxi province, northwestern China(2012-03-01)
Carbon export and HCO(3)(-) fate in carbonate catchments: A case study in the karst plateau of southwestern China(2012-02-20)
Metallogeny and environmental impact of Hg in Zn deposits in China(2012-02-20)
Spatial-temporal variations of travertine deposition rates and their controlling factors in Huanglong Ravine, China - A world's heritage site(2012-02-20)
Features of the mantle source of the Huangshanxi Ni-Cu sulfide-bearing mafic-ultramafic intrusion, eastern Tianshan(2012-02-20)
Feature of ore-forming fluid: Evidence from fluid inclusion, REE and carbon-oxygen isotope geochemistry of calcite from Huangjiawan Mo-Ni polymetallic ore deposit, Zunyi, Guizhou Province(2012-02-20)
Discovery of the 187Ma granite in Jincheng area, Fujian Province: Constraint on Early Jurassic tectonic evolution of southeastern China(2012-02-20)
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