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Vol. 50, No.6, Tot No.350 2022 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 50, No.6, Tot No.350  2022


Research Results


Spatial and Temporal Distribution Characteristics of Fluoride in Surface Water of China

JI Xiaoyan et al


Hydrochemical Characteristics of Shallow Groundwater in Fengpei Plain Area

ZHU Chunfang et al


Characteristics of Phosphorus in Sediment of the Wujiangdu Reservoir and Its Responses to Damming

HU Xinping et al


Contribution and Significance of Atmospheric Deposition to Mg, Ca, Sr and Ba in Karst River Water in Northeast Sichuan Province

ZHOU Mengtao et al


Comparative Study on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Species of Three Cascade Reservoirs in Wujiang River Basin

LIU Kun et al


Source and Enrichment of Thallium in Soils Developed on the Dadongshan Granitic Pluton, South China

LI Meihua et al


Characterization of Metal Speciation Distributions in Typical Soils and Sediment by Sequential Extraction Procedure

YANG Xiaojuan et al


Characteristics of Boron Content in Soil and Tobacco from Tobacco Planting Area in Baise, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

WEI Xiulong et al


Comprehensive Characterization and the Roles in Atmospheric Chemistry of Ambient Volatile Organic Compounds in Guiyang

FU Lu  et al


Risk Zoning of Groundwater Pollution Based on Compound Superposition Model Taking Linzi District, Shandong Province as an Example

ZHANG Yongsan et al


Atmospheric Dry Deposition of Inorganic Nitrogen in the Xichuan Area of Danjiangkou Reservoir

GUO Xiaoming et al


Characteristics and Implementation Effect of LocalSpecifications for Green Mine Construction in Anhui Province

HUANG Jianmin et al


Black Mudstone Sedimentary Environment and Shale Gas Accumulation Conditions of Lower Silurian Longmaxi Formation in Northern Guizhou Province

HE Hongxi et al 

   Experiment Research
909 Remediation Effects of Three Complex Iron based Passivators on High Arsenic Soil in Southwestern Guizhou 
WU Mei et al
916 Mechanism of the Adsorption of Sb(Ⅲ) by Ferrous Sulfide(FeS) under Phosphate Conditions
WANG Qingyun et al
923 Effects of Hyperaccumulator Biochar Application on Soil Properties and Seedling Growth of Maize
WANG  Xi et al

Special Subject and Review


A Review of the Interaction Mechanism between Secondary Iron Minerals and Antimony and the Effect on Antimony Environmental Behaviors

LI Hui et al

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