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Vol. 44, No.4, Tot No.312 2016 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 44, No.4, Tot No.312 2016
Research Results  


Spatial Variations of Soil Water Content in the Critical Zone of the Chinese Loess Plateau


WANG Yunqiang et al (391)


Spatial Variation of Soil Nutrients in Caraganakorshinskii Soil under Precipitation Gradient Sequence


LI Qi et al (398)


Contamination of Persistent Organic Pollutants in the Offshore Groundwater of Chaoyangxi River in Nanning City, China


KONG Xiangsheng et al (406)


Chemical Characteristics of River Water in Huaibei Coalfield, China and Its Significance


CHEN Song et al (414)


Nitrogen Distribution in Groundwater of Linzhou­Anyang Area and Its Affecting Factors


JIANG Wanjun et al (422)


O3 Concentration in Menyuan Area, Qinghai Province, China and Its Affect Factor


WANG Yanli et al (431)


Bioavailable Phosphorus in Sediments from Lake Hongfeng, Southwestern China


WANG Jingfu et al (437)


Applied Study 



Source Analysis of N­alkanes from Typical Wetlands Sediment in Lanzhou City, China


YANG Qili et al (441)


Research on Characteristics of Ecological Environment Effect on a “Semi­Karst” Region based on Land Use Transition: A Case in Central Guizhou Province, China


HU Feng et al (447)


Speciation and Ecological Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Soil from Anxi Tieguanyin Tea Garden 


JIANG Songhe et al (359)


Characterisctcs of Uranium Content in Surface Water of a Uranium Mine in Eastern China


XIANG Long et al (455)


Geochemical Baseline of Heavy Metals in the River Sediment in Coal Production Cities and Its Application —A Case Study of Suzhou City, China


LI Zhichun et al (462)


Pollution Characteristics and Potential Ecological Risk Assessment for Heavy Metals in Anning River,Sichuan Province, China


WANG Xuemei et al (472)


Speciation and Risk Assessment for Heavy Metals in Lead and Zinc slag at Zhehai, China 


YIN Xin et al (478)

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