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Vol. 43, No.4, Tot No.306 2015 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 43, No.4, Tot No.306 2015
Research Results  


Dissolution Rate and It’s Significance of Different Lithological Tablets 

 HUANG Qibo et al(379)


Hydrochemical Responses of Stormflow to Extreme Rainfall during Dry Season in a Typical Karst Catchment of Northwest Guangxi Province, China


LIU Chun et al(386)


Diel Changes of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon and Calcite Precipitation in a Typical Karst Spring-fed Stream


WANG Jingliang et al(395)


Hydrochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of Bottled Drinking Water and Its Instruction Significance


JIANG Haining et al(403)


Analysis of Methane Flux Produced by City Black Odor River in Summer ——An Example of Chaoyang Creek in Nanning City, China


 LIU Kaihua et al(415)


Comparative Study on Microbial Activity of Red Soil from Ecological Restoration Zone


LIU Qiming et al(420)


A Preliminary Study on Characteristics of Warm and Humid Climate of Loess of Jinding Section During MIS3


 WU Lijie et al(425)


Element Characteristics and Sedimentary Environment of Phosphorite from Weng’an County, Guizhou Province, China


 DING Yalong et al(432)


Spatial-temporal Variations of Atmospheric Dust Amount in Urban and Forest Areas of Karst Region 


 TANG Yang et al(441)


Applied Study



Vertical Distribution Characteristics of Phorate in Soil of an Abandoned Pesticide Plant


ZHANG Tao et al(445)


A Study on Forms of Heavy Metals in Indoor and Street Dusts ——Take Guiyang City for Example  


 DENG Gaosong et al(451)


Image Fusion of Spaceborne SAR Data and Multi Spectral Data for Mountainous Plateau: A Case Study on Bijie City,Guizhou Province, China


XU Jing et al(457)


Content and Distribution of Cadmium in Soils of Poyang Lake and Its Surrounding Economic Zones


 CHENG Zhao et al(464)


Experiment Research 



Mercury Collection and Pre-concentration from Water by Using Iodine-impregnated Activated Carbon


 YANG Xu et al(469)


Influences of Pretreatment Procedures on Determination of Total Organic Carbon and Stable Carbon Isotope in Different Samples


 ZHU Mengbo et al(476)

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