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Preparation and Characterization of Acid Activated Montmorillonites for VOCs Removal 


LIN Xiao-qin, et al.(281)

Progress on the Adsorption Effect by Fe-Mn Binary Oxide


DONG Yu-liang, et al.(288)

Research on the Surface and Oil Degree Impact Degree of Nano Iron Yellow Powder Prepared with SDBS Modification


BAO Ji-qing, et al.(293) 

Magmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution of the Koktokay No.3 Pegmatite, Altay, NW China: Evidence from Compositional Variation of Tourmaline 


WU Shou-rong, et al.(299) 

Lead Isotope Compositions of Dulong Sn-Zn Polymetallic Deposit, Yunnan, China: Contraints on Ore-forming Metal Sources


HE Fang, et al.(309)  

Quantitative Analysis of Microscopic Pore-throat Structure of Tight Oil Reservoir in Ordos Basin 


WANG Ming-lei, et al.(318)  

Research on Characteristics and Mineralization Significance of Garnet in Dingjiashan Pb-Zn District, Fujian Province, China


SHI De-feng, et al.(323) 

Ion Exchance Thermodynamics of NH4+-Clinoptilolite Exchange of Two Kinds of Antibacterial Metal Ions Zn2+and Ag+ 


HUANG Yang, et al.(331)  

Mechanism of Potassium Release from Different Silicate Minerals by Releasing K Bacteria in Northwest Arid Land, China  


SHANG Hai-li, et al.(337) 

Experimental Study on the Role of Natural Combustion in Enhancing Maghemite Content in Soil


ZHANG Xun, et al.(344)  

Geological Characteristics and Tectonic Setting of Volcanic Rocks from Beizhan Iron Deposit, Western Tianshan Mountain, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, China 


WANG Teng, et al.(351)

Magnetite Geochemical Characteristics and Causes Significance of Shuangqing Iron Deposit in Dulan Area, Qinghai Province, China  


HE Chao-xin, et al.(359) 

Material Composition in Bashibulake Uranium Deposit 


LI Sheng-fu, et al.(365)  

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Prepared with Calcium Carbide Residue and Iron ore Tailings as Raw Materials


WANG Chang-long, et al.(373)  

Theoretical Calculation of Boron Isotope Fractionation Between B(OH)3 and B(OH)4 - Affected by Cations in Solution 


YIN Xin-ya and LIU Qi(379) 

Effect of Mineralogical Characteristics on Phase Transformation of Calcined Kaolin: A Case Study on Hepu Kaolin


ZHOU Zhou, et al.(384) 

Mineralogical Characteristics of Some Typical Graphite Samples in China


XIAN Hai-yang, et al.(395)  

Discovery of Meionite in Thorium Ore in the Region of Tranomaro, Southern Madagascar and Its Geological Significance 


WANG Feng-gang, et al.(406)  

Geological and Gochemical Characteristics Research on Xinmin Bauxite Deposit in Daozhen County, Guizhou Province, China  

DAI Long-sheng, et al.(411) 


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