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Recent Papers
Do Bacterial Secreted Proteins Play a Role in The Weathering of Potassium-Bearing Rock Powder?(2012-06-05)
Petrology, geochemistry, and tectonic significance of Mesozoic shoshonitic volcanic rocks, Luzong volcanic basin, eastern China(2012-06-05)
Geochemical and Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic compositions of Mesozoic mafic dikes from the Gan-Hang tectonic belt, South China: petrogenesis and geodynamic significance(2012-05-28)
Geochemical constraints on the origin and environment of Lower Cambrian, selenium-rich siliceous sedimentary rocks in the Ziyang area, Daba region, central China(2012-05-28)
Impact of Conjugated Shear Joint of "X" Type on Macroscopic Karstification on the Basis of the Analysis of Google Earth Images(2012-05-28)
Selecting of modes in nano-laser of silicon quantum dots(2012-05-28)
Mercury pollution in Wuchuan mercury mining area, Guizhou, Southwestern China: The impacts from large scale and artisanal mercury mining(2012-05-25)
U-Pb zircon age, geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic data as constraints on the petrogenesis and emplacement time of the Precambrian mafic dyke swarms in the North China Craton (NCC)(2012-05-25)
A review of studies on atmospheric mercury in China(2012-05-25)
Medical geology of arsenic, selenium and thallium in China(2012-05-24)
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