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Vol. 45, No.4, Tot No.318 2017 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 45, No.4, Tot No.318 2017


Research Results 



Physicochemical Characteristics of the Overlying Water and Spatial­temporal Distribution of Carbon, Nitrogen and Silicon in Lake Hongfeng, Guizhou Province, China


WANG Liying et al (383)


River Water Geochemistry of Hanjiang River, Implications for Silicate Weathering and Sulfuric Acid Participation


YU Chong et al (390)


Microbial Diversity of Keluke­Tuosu Lake Wetland Reserve in Qinghai­Tibet Plateau


LONG Qifu et al (399)


Evaluation of Hydrochemical Characteristics of Regional Groundwater Systems in Northern China under the Conditions of Large­scale Exploitation


LIU Jun et al (408)


Carbon Sink or Source Effect of Ligustrum Plantation Ecosystem in Mine Reclamation Area


ZHAO Kui et al (415)


Changes of Distribution of Arid and Humid Areas in China


LI Zongmei et al (420)


Analysis of Vegetation Eco­Environment Quality Change Features in Guizhou Province from 1990 to 2015


XU Youxia et al (434)


Applied Study 



Air Quality Characteristic and Its Influencing Factor Analysis for Cities in Guanzhong Region, China


ZHANG Jiayin et al (441)


Characterization and Health Risk Assessment of PAHs in Vegetables from Nanjing City, China



WU Minmin et al (447)


Source Apportionment of Soil Heavy Metals in Typically Agricultural Region around Chaohu Lake, China


QIN Xianyan et al (455)


Sources Apportionment of Soil Pollution of Heavy Metals in Riverside Water Source Field based on Positive Matrix Factorization Method


ZUO Rui et al (464)


Distribution Characteristics of Fluorine in Soils Profiles Developed on Carbonate Rocks and Its Influencing Factors


HUANG Yao et al (472)


Assessment of Ground Subsidence Hazard Induced by Building Load Based on Weights­of­evidence Model


YI Yaoguo et al (478)

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