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Microbial Diversity of Keluke-Tuosu Lake Wetland Reserve in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau (Vol.45, No.4) TEXT SIZE: A A A
LONG Qifu1, FENG Xiyuan2, LIU Jing1,3, ZHANG Xin1, SHEN Guoping1, ZHU Derui1*
(1. Research Center of Basic Medical Science, Medical College of Qinghai University, Xining 810016, China;
2. Department of Computer, Qinghai Nationalities University, Xining 810016, China;
3. Computer College, Beijing University of Technology, Beijing 100022, China)
Abstract:Keluke Lake and Tuosu Lake are important wetland and waterfowl nature reserve in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, but microbial diversity within the lakes remains unknown. Microbial community structure and diversity were investigated by the 16S rRNA gene (V3-V4) high-throughput sequencing based on an Illumina sequencing platform. Results show that species annotation OTU(Operational taxonomic unit) numbers of Keluke Lake and Tuosu Lake are 331 and 148, belonging to known bacteria 16 phylum 34 classes 66 genera and 9 phylum 19 classes 54 genera, respectively. Microbial dominant taxa of Keluke Lake are Proteobacteria, Cyanobacteria and Bacteroidetes, and dominant bacterial populations were unclassed genera in Cyanobacteria, Arcobacter and Halomonas. Microbial dominant taxa in Tuosu Lake are Proteobacteria and Firmicutes, and dominant bacterial population is Halomonas. The microbial species richness, diversity and equilibrium distribution of Keluke Lake are significantly higher than those of Tuosu Lake, but the species dominance in the latter are significantly higher than the former. The community distribution of dominant microorganisms in different lake existed obvious positive correlation with environmental factors. These results could provide some references for environmental monitoring and wetland ecosystem protection.
Key words: Qinghai-Tibet Plateau; Keluke Lake; Tuosu Lake; High-throughput sequencing; Microbial diversity
EARTH AND ENVIRONMENT Vol.45, No.4, Tot No.318, 2017, Page 399-407
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