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Vol. 45, No.2, Tot No.316 2017 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 45, No.2, Tot No.316 2017
Karst Carbon Cycle Model and Its Mechanisms Based on Interactions
among Hydrosphere, Lithosphere, Pedosphere, Atmosphere and Biosphere
(Special Editor in Chief: Professor NI JIAN)

Research Results 



Eco­environmental Characteristics of Reservoirs in Southwest China and Their Research Prospects


 CHEN Jing'an et al (115)


Holocene Monsoon Variations in Stalagmite Grey Value for Heifeng Cave, Chongqing, China


FANG Moqin et al (126)


Input Mechanisms of Exotic Uranium in Soils around a Uranium Mill Tailings Pond in Hunan Province, China


 RAO Sen et al (10)


Geochemical Characteristics of Rare Earth Elements in the Vertical Profile of Soil of the Tea Garden in Anxi Area, China


 BIAN Kai et al (145)


Application of Titrimetric Analysis in Humic Acid of Soil


TANG Haiming et al (151)


A Study on ESR Signal Intensity and CI Provenance­Tracing of Quartz and Its Potential Application to River System Sediments


WEI Chuanyi et al (157)


Spatial and Temporal Variation of Environments of Baojinggong Cave, Guangdong Province, China and It's Influencing Factors


CHEN Lin et al (164)


Applied Study



Distribution and Pollution Evaluation of Heavy Metals in Sediments in the Nanpan River Basin (Yunnan Section)  


XIONG Yan et al (171)


Lateral Variation Analysis and Evaluation of Heavy Metals in Roadsides of Wuyuan Scenic, China


CHEN Weihua et al (179)


Pollution Characteristics and Ecological Risk of Heavy Metals in Street Dust of Coal Resources Cities in China: A Case Study of Suzhou City


LIN Manli et al (185)


Dynamic Monitoring of Fractional Vegetation Cover of Chengdu Plain and Its Surrounding Area in China


PENG Wenfu et al (193)


Hydro­chemical and Isotopic Compositions of Groundwater in Piedmont Plain of the South Taihang Mountain


LIU Yuntao et al (203)


Magnetic Susceptibility of Road Dust in Villages and Its Environmental Significance: A Case Study of Maogudui Town in Shangqiu City, China


TIAN Jinkun et al (214)


The Regionalization of Small Watershed in Rocky Desertification Counties of Guangxi Based on Comprehensive Controls and Hydrological Model


YAN Yan et al (219)


Experiment Research 



Pot Experiments Research on the Effects of Water Retaining Agent and Activated Carbon as Soil Amendments on Dolomite Slopes—A Case Study of Perennial Ryegrass  


XING Xuegang et al (229)


Influencing Factors on Determination of Bromine in Coal by Using Pyrohydrolysis and Ion Selective Electrode  


ZHOU Xinhua et al (236) 


Determination of Hydrazine in Water by Furfural Derivatization­ Gas Chromatography NPD


HU Ping et al (242) 

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