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Vol. 44, No.2, Tot No.310 2016 TEXT SIZE: A A A
Vol. 44, No.2, Tot No.310 2016
Research Results  


Soil Organic Carbon Density and Its Influencing Factors for the Forest Region of Guizhou Province, China


LYU Wenqiang et al (147)


Analysis of Spatio­temporal Variation of Vegetation Coverage and Characteristics of Topographic Differentiation in Watershed of Zhuxi River,China


XU Rui et al (154)


Analysis of Variation Characteristics of Surface Ozone in Northern Suburb of Nanjing City,
China in Summer

ZHAO Hui et al (161)


Composition and Distribution of Water­Soluble Nitrogen in Salinized Soils in Tianjin City,


NIU Yingquan et al (169)


Vertical and Temporal Distributions of Sulfate­reducing Bacteria in Sediments of Lake Erhai, Yunnan Province, China


ZHANG Wei et al (177)


Cumulative Effects Assessment of Fe and Mn's Migration in Gangue Yard of a Cultivated Land


CHEN Zuyong et al (185)


Effects of Alpine Meadow Degradation on Soil Available Nutrient


ZHAO Ziwen et al (193)


The Adsorption Behaviors of Sulfanilamide Antibiotics in Western Liaoning River Sediment 


XU Ying et al (199) 


Empirical Study and Correlation Analysis of Industrialization and Ecological Civilization
Development in Western China  


SHAN Xiaoya et al (204) 


Applied Study 



Distribution Characteristics and Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Atmospheric Dustfall of Huangshi City, China


YAO Ruizhen et al (212)


Characteristics of Water­soluble Ionic in PM10 under One Serious Haze Weather from Chengdu City, China  


ZHANG Yanmei et al (219)


Research on Ambient Air Quality and Pollution Causes in Yubei District, Chongqing City, China


LIU Zhengshi et al (225)


Research on Natural Release of Reduced Sulfur Gases from Wetland Ecosystem


DU Yunhong et al (231)


Spatial Characteristics of Mining and Smelting Effects on Groundwater Quality in Hezhang County, Guizhou Province, China


ZHAO Guangshuai et al (237)


Prediction of Soil Temperatures in Guizhou Province, China


DONG Yubo et al (243)


Investigation and Analysis of Environment Pollution in Qinglong­Anlong Gold Mine in Guizhou Province, China  


LI Zhicheng et al (249) 


Application of DRASTIC Model Based on Mapgis and AHP in the Assessment of Groundwater Antipollution Capacity in the Central Area of Huangshan City, China  


GUAN Houchun et al (255) 


Special Subject and Review 



Research Progress in Factor Study on Soil Mercury Evaporation Fluxes


GAO Jinyu et al (261)


Sampling for Ambient Atmospheric Concentrations of Mercury—A Review


YIN Xiufeng et al (270)

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