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Vol. 41, No.5 October 2022 TEXT SIZE: A A A


(Vol. 41, No.5 2022)







Boron isotope geochemistry of Bangor Co Salt Lake (central Tibet): implications for boron origin and uneven mixing of lake water

Bin-Kai Li · Mao-Yong He · Hai-Zhou Ma · Huai-De Cheng · Lian-Min Ji


Geodynamic significance and genesis of chromitites from the Islahiye ophiolite (Gaziantep, SE Anatolia) as constrained by platinum group element (PGE) compositions and mineral chemistry characteristics

Nil Yapici · Gael Calo sinda Ngbangandimbo · Nusret Nurlu


Identification of terrigenous and autochthonous organic carbon in sediment cores from cascade reservoirs in the upper stream of Pearl River and Wujiang River, southwest China: lignin phenol as a tracer

Li Gao · Xin Lin · Jun Fan · Ming Yang · Xueping Chen · Fushun Wang · Jing Ma


Geochemistry and petrogenetic evolution of metasedimentary rocks in Bunu Area, part of Kabba-Lokoja-Igarra schist belt, SW Nigeria

M.S. Kolawole · E.C. Chukwu · A.N. Agibe


Iron isotope fractionation during fenitization: a case study of carbonatite dykes from Bayan Obo, Inner Mongolia, China

Zongyi Wu · Jian Sun · Xiaowei Li · Xiangkun Zhu


A combined IR and XRD study of natural well crystalline goethites (α-FeOOH)

Stephan Kaufhold · Kristian Ufer · Melanie Hein · Niko G?tze · Reiner Dohrmann







Genesis and soil environmental implications of intact in-situ rhizoliths in dunes of the Badain Jaran Desert, northwestern China

Qingfeng Sun · Kazem Zamanian · Arnaud Huguet · Omid Bayat · Hong Wang · Hanan S. Badawy

Evaluation of groundwater quality in the Dibdibba aquifer using hydrogeochemical and isotope techniques (Basrah Province, Iraq)

Inass A. Al-Mallah · Wasan S. Al-Qurnawi · Hussein B. Ghalib · Adnan B. Al Hawash · Mariam H. Abdulameer


Element migration and enrichment characteristics of bedrock–regolith–soil–plant continuum system in the chestnut planting area, Chengde, China

Xiaofeng Wei · Houyun Sun · Zirang Chen · Xia Li · Hao Wei · Wenru Jia · Wei Li


Geochemical evaluation of mineralization potential of the Somie-Ntem area within the Tikar plain, Cameroon: implication on petrogenesis

Mero Yannah · Yaya Fodoué · Maurice Kwékam · Benoit Joseph Mbassa · Juliana Amboh Tifang · Armand Dongmo Kagou · Samuel Ndonwi Ayonghe


Diagenetic evolution of clastic reservoirs and its records in fine subsection: significance and application

Manwei Zhang · Hongjing Zhao · Taiju Yin · Wendao Qian · Anxin Mei · Fan Liu


Hydrogeochemical processes and multivariate analysis for groundwater quality in the arid Maadher region of Hodna, northern Algeria

Tahar Selmane · Mostefa Dougha · Mahmoud Hasbaia · Ahmed Ferhati · Ali Redjem 
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