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The 29Si and 27Al MAS NMR Spectroscopy Study of Mechanically Ground Kaolinite


FANG Yan, et al.(677)


A Study on Ore Geological Characteristics and Fluid Inclusions of Jienagepu Gold
Deposit in Zhaxikang Ore Concentration District, Southern Tibet, China


LI Hong-liang, et al.(684)


Effect of Isomorphic Replacement of Zinc on the Removal of Cr(Ⅵ) by Magnetite
Coupled with Aqueous Fe(Ⅱ) Basement


ZHANG Cai-hua, et al.(697)


Sulfur Isotope Geochemical Characteristics of a Typical Tin Deposits in Tengchong-
Lianghe Tin Belt, West Yunnan Province, China


CHEN Xiao-cui, et al.(705)


Spectral Characteristics and Coloration Mechanism of Silver-gray Color Seawater
Cultured Pearls Produced by Pinctada martensii


SONG Yan-jun, et al.(712)


Genesis and Mineral Assemblages of Copper-Containing Amygdaloidal Basalt from
Southern Sichuan and Northern Yunnan Provinces, China


HE Li, et al.(717)


Sulfide Mineralogy of Surface Sediments of the Southwestern Indian Ridge and its Geological Implication  


JIA Qi, et al.(725)


Characteristics of Chlorite and Its Relation with Uranium Mineralization of No.223 Uranium
Deposit of Huangsha Mining Area in the Middle of the Nanling Mountains, China


SHU Tian-tian, et al.(737)


Fluid Inclusion Study on Kangma Tin-Polymetallic Deposit in Dachang Ore Field, Guangxi Province, China  


XIE Peng, et al.(746)


Geochemical Characteristics of Zhijin Phosphorite Type Rare-Earth Deposit, Guizhou Province, China


GUO Hai-yan, et al.(755)


Application of Red Mud in Phosphorus Pollution Control of Surface Sewage and Sediment


XIAO Xiong, et al.(764)


Constrains of S-Pb-C-O Isotope Compositions on the Origin of Nagengkangqieer Silver
Deposit, the Eastern Kunlun Mountains, China


LI Min-tong, et al.(771)


U-Pb Age and Geological Significance of Detrital Zircon in the Upper Shihezi Formation
Permian System from the Southwestern Margin of Ordos Basin


TIAN Wen, et al.(782)


Current Progresses and Prospect for Genesis of Extensive Mesozoic Granitoid and
Granitoid-Related Multi-Metal Mineralization in Southern China


YANG Jie-hua, et al.(791)


Gemological and Mineral Characteristics of “Hongbishi”,a Kind of Gem Product


YU Yun-feng, et al.(801)


The Occurrence State of Tin and Beryllium in Polymetallic Ore from Huanggangliang
Area, Hexigten County, Inner Mongolia, China


HOU Xiao-zhi, et al.(807)

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