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The Chemical Oxidation and Immobilization of Arsenic and Antimony in Simulated AMD in Karst Areas TEXT SIZE: A A A

The widely distributed carbonate rock in karst areas can neutralize AMD, increase pH and promote Fe(II) oxidation, which produce reactive oxidation species (ROS) and iron (hydr)oxides. (ROS) and iron (hydr)oxides can facilitate oxidation and immobilization of As and Sb. The flow, pH and Fe(II) concentration of AMD may affect oxidation or immobilization of As/Sb via affecting of Fe(II) oxidation in AMD. This study investigated the influence of Fe(II) oxidation on the transfer and transformation of As/Sb in simulated AMD induced by carbonate. Low flow and high pH were beneficial for Fe(II) oxidation to produce ROS/Fe(IV) and iron (hydr)oxides to oxidize As(III)/Sb(III). Fe(II) concentration (100-500 mg/L) had negligible influence on oxidation and sediment of As(III)/Sb(III). With increase of reaction time, difference in As(III)/Sb(III), total As/Sb concentrations between different flow distances were decreasing.

Publication name

 Bulletin Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology, Volume 108, Issue 3, Page 541-548, Special Issue SI, DOI 10.1007/s00128-021-03443-w, Published MAR 2022, Early Access MAR 2022


 Zhu, Jian; Liao, Peng; Zhang, Peng

Corresponding author(s) 

 Zhu, Jian

 -Guizhou Univ, Coll Resource & Environm Engn, Guiyang 550025, Peoples R China
 -Guizhou Univ, Key Lab Karst Georesources & Environm, Minist Educ, Guiyang 550025, Peoples R China
 -China Univ Geosci, State Key Lab Biogeol & Environm Geol, 388 Lumo Rd, Wuhan 430074, Peoples R China

Author(s) from IGCAS   Liao, Peng

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