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Pollution and health risk assessment of toxic metal(loid)s in soils under different land use in sulphide mineralized areas TEXT SIZE: A A A
Toxic metal(loid) pollution in sulphide mineralized area has been increasingly concerned. In the present study, the pollution characteristics and the health risk of Hg, As, Tl and other metal(loid)s in soils under different land use, from a rural area impacted by Tl-Hg-rich sulphide mineralization, were assessed using statistical analysis, enrichment factor (EF), potential ecological risk index (RI) and health risk assessment model. The results showed that Tl, Hg and As were highly enriched in the mine area due to the historic sporadic mining activities, and Tl, Hg and Sb were enriched in the peripheral area. Hg and Tl pollution in soils of the mine area impacted by past mining activities posed high ecological risk. High contents and enrichment of Tl and Hg in forest/grass land had a greater impact on the ecological risk in the mine area; whereas Tl and Hg in the grain land and vegetable land dominated the soil ecological risk in the peripheral area. Human health risk assessment indicated that children are more sensitive and vulnerable to toxic metal(loid)s in soils than the adults. Hg, Tl and As have potential non-carcinogenic risk to local children and adults. The HQ levels for different exposure pathways of toxic metal(loid)s were in the order of ingestion > dermal contact > air inhalation for Tl and As, and dermal contract > ingestion > air inhalation for Hg. For carcinogenic risk, all the mean CR values of ingestion in the mine area were higher than 10?4, indicating seriously potential risk. The descending order of ILCR via different pathways was the same as the HQ, for which ingestion was predominant, followed by dermal and air inhalation. The findings may help provide basic knowledge and guidelines for toxic metal(loid) pollution remediation in similar sulphide mineralized areas.

Publication name

 SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT Volume: 724 Published: JUL 1 2020


 Ma, Liang; Xiao, Tangfu; Ning, Zengping; Liu, Yizhang; Chen, Haiyan; Peng, Jingquan

Corresponding author(s) 

 NING Zengping 
 Chinese Acad Sci, Inst Geochem, State Key Lab Environm Geochem, Guiyang 550081, Peoples R China.
 XIAO Tangfu
 Guangzhou Univ, Sch Environm Sci & Engn, Guangzhou 510006, Peoples R China.

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